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    Trenton State Prison on Smash

    This post was received before Omar Austin’s last post. Jawatan sebelumnya telah diterbitkan pertama untuk mendapatkan perkataan kematian yang tidak dijangka ibunya kepada keluarga dan rakan-rakan,,en,Saya telah dimasukkan ke dalam pengasingan pentadbiran kerana abang yang memberitahu saya melalui telefon mengenai beberapa saudara lain yang mendapat ditangkap dalam satu kes besar di bandar saya,,en,Itu satu sinopsis sakit,,en,Tuhan memberkati anda di tempat-tempat penderitaan manusia,,en,Ikuti ya mengetuai dan kekal diri anda pada setiap masa,,en,Jika kebanyakan orang lain ikut serta,,en,semua orang akan mempunyai satu pukulan jujur ​​pada pekerjaan yang baik,,en,seperti beberapa jenis putaran atau sesuatu,,en,Mengekalkan otak anda,,en,dan terima kasih kerana pemikiran yang anda kongsi,,en. Apa yang ia lakukan? Sorry for being out of touch for a few months. I was on smash back at Trenton [New Jersey] State Prison. They worked it on me. I’m solid though, no matter where I have to be. All prisons are slave camps. It’s a fact that the authorities utilize and manipulate location and the difference in...READ MORE


    Letter to the Bloods and Crips: Stop the Madness

    When I first started to write this post I told my brother Maal that it was going to be a banger, and I need time to get it right. I wanted my head to be in the right place. Before you read, know and understand that I’m addressing the Bloods and Crips of every state across the United States. I’m not just speaking on Jersey. I want to see change everywhere because we are losing this battle. Aren’t all of y’all tired of having your loved ones found dead in those streets?...READ MORE


    R.I.P. Mom

    R.I.P. Yvonne Austin. My beloved mother has left me. Hearing those dreadful words is the reality of a prisoner. I hurt so much right now. My heart has never been this heavy. It is the most vulnerable time of my whole life. I was in lockup preparing for a big visit with my mom and the chance to look her in the face and tell her how much I love her and that I forgive her for falling victim to the struggle of drug addiction. I was a dumb lil bastard who couldn’t understand things when they...READ MORE


    The Children: I Feel Their Pain

    When I leave prison I wonder what will be the state of mind the children. While I have spent years studying and building my mind, others have been stagnated and on drugs. I do know their position and what they are going through. Can I honesty expect them to see things as I see them? I find myself wondering how many people out there are really trying to help these young men. When I speak to them I feel their pain. To them, it seems there is no other option. It seems like every time I get on the...READ MORE


    To the Mothers

    Pertama sekali, I want to send my love to everybody out there. I have been stuck in a rut and wasn’t in the mood to write, but after I got out of that empty thinking I was able to pull myself back up. Here I am again shining like the sun when it touches the top of the sky. I don’t want to make this about me, but I will say this, I want everyone who is reading this to post it on their page or sites. I’m going to try and get to the point. Now bare with me. And to my guys...READ MORE


    New Jersey Banduan Face Solitary Confinement untuk Meletakkan Panggilan ke telefon bimbit

    For several years New Jersey Department of Corrections (NJDOC) has banned prisoners from calling cellphone numbers. Malah, prisoners caught with cellphone numbers on their authorized pin list face harsh disciplinary sanctions like 365 days in solitary confinement. No calls to cellphones is a Zero Tolerance Rule of the NJDOC. Pada masa ini. prisoners in New Jersey are only allowed to call landlines. Years ago a rule like this would not have done much to damage a prisoner’s support system,...READ MORE


    Letter to the Kids: Be Better Than Me

    Now before I begin I want to salute the youth who read this because that shows that you’re willing to listen and try to find other ways to deal with whatever you’re going through. For that you have my unwavering respect, from one to the next. My name is Al-Tariq Gumbs and in the streets my name was Killa Reek. I was and probably am still considered one of the worst street-gang members to come out of New Jersey. Pada usia 15 I was locked up for robbery, guns and all types of...READ MORE


    diinstitusikan: Not Really Hidup tetapi Mati

    Waking up inside of a prison everyday for many years has lasting effects on a person. One becomes institutionalized and starts to feel like a robot, tidak mempunyai hidup tetapi hidup. I struggle daily with the impact incarceration has and will continue to have on me. Prison is straight up ripping and robbing me of any emotion. I could not even cry if I wanted to. I hear about my homies getting killed out in the streets, brothers who were recently released from prison, like Black Wes (RIP) who was...READ MORE



    I decided to title this one Sankofa. If you don’t by now Killa Reek is dead, and I choose to be called Sankofa from now on. I have been trying to shed the name Killa Reek, but it’s been hard to break. My people and guys in here love the name and the past that came with it. I have to tell them over and over Killa is dead and gone and they need to get used to it. Sekarang, if you don’t know what Sankofa means I would like for you to look it up and you’ll understand why I used...READ MORE


    Justice Denied: A Juvenile in a Maximum Security Adult Prison

    Demetrius Minor berusia 16-tahun-muda apabila dia dipaksa dan dikelirukan perjanjian pengakuan yang melibatkan remaja yang dijatuhkan hukuman tiga puluh tahun, hampir dua kali ganda hidupnya, dalam penjara. Pendakwa dan penguatkuasaan undang-undang mengambil kesempatan daripada hakikat bahawa remaja itu tidak mempunyai sokongan ibu bapa atau penasihat undang-undang untuk membimbing dia melalui sistem keadilan. Dia diberitahu bahawa tiga puluh tahun-ayat, pada usia 16, adil, memandangkan hakikat bahawa “his kind usually got life sentences or never made it out of...READ MORE

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