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    Letter to the Bloods and Crips: Stop the Madness

    When I first started to write this post I told my brother Maal that it was going to be a banger, and I need time to get it right. I wanted my head to be in the right place. Before you read, know and understand that I’m addressing the Bloods and Crips of every state across the United States. I’m not just speaking on Jersey. I want to see change everywhere because we are losing this battle. Aren’t all of y’all tired of having your loved ones found dead in those streets?...READ MORE


    Pardon the Truth Gangstas

    A bus just rolled in the other day, and as always I’m there to see the new arrivals and check the temperature of those who may enter the terror-dome with something other than peace on their mind. As I strolled into the chow hall, a few trusted komrades in tow, I recognized a familiar face. This dude was a street reputable. He was known to stack millions, and this was back in my day, so his street notoriety was mountain high. Before he could spot me, I chilled the way only I could, dan ...READ MORE


    Oath to Mission Statement

    I hereby take this oath . . . I remember reciting those words with aggression. With this oath I had no idea what I was really committing to. I had no ideas of the lives I was preparing to put at risk, including my own. I never believed or imagined speaking against this oath. Pada Mac 29, 2000, pada 12:31 am a boy joined the United Blood Nation. My permission was given in the form of excuses such as there was no love at home, I needed family, dan senarai seterusnya. I told myself that I would...READ MORE


    Meningkatkan UP: Pertumbuhan dan Pembangunan Mando

    Ia 2016! undang-undang kes baru! Meningkatkan UP! Peace kepada Convict Nation Gorilla dan pengikut dunia bebas yang berkongsi kebenaran kami secara langsung dari kuncian. Ketika saya menulis kepada anda, my cell door has been locked for four days due to another set of Gorilla Convicts governing their own. Setiap hari perjuangan dalam binatang itu terus. “Kesukaran adalah makanan berkhasiat bagi mereka cukup kuat untuk mencerna.” Mesej saya hari ini: We must transform from top criminals into genius businessmen. I say this...READ MORE


    diinstitusikan: Not Really Hidup tetapi Mati

    Waking up inside of a prison everyday for many years has lasting effects on a person. One becomes institutionalized and starts to feel like a robot, tidak mempunyai hidup tetapi hidup. I struggle daily with the impact incarceration has and will continue to have on me. Prison is straight up ripping and robbing me of any emotion. I could not even cry if I wanted to. I hear about my homies getting killed out in the streets, brothers who were recently released from prison, like Black Wes (RIP) who was...READ MORE


    Reality and Poetry

    Live dari kuncian: Post-Riot What’s poppin’ family? I remain solid and focused. The struggle is real and alive, but the mind is a terrible thing to waste. In life, allow your head to govern your hands, not the other way around. Change the game and SAVE the babies! Money and FREEDOM first. Chase paper and let pussy chase you, because sex and love don’t play by rules. Real niggas . . . true gangstas. . . never suppose to get down behind no bitch and, in my case, behind no...READ MORE



    A moment of clarity. A moment of truth. Sesungguhnya, you are not in need of my voice, as the truth stands on its own. Walau bagaimanapun, some of you hear nothing unless it’s pumped into you, sort of like a shotgun blast of that official loud pack. The streets aint the same, and aint been so, since the paying of homage faded to black. Funny how it’s cool to rock that retro look, and sport throwback garb, but when it comes to honoring those who have paved the way, nobody remembers how. Everybody...READ MORE


    Free Jewel!

    My love is bulletproof . . . What’s hood? Seperti biasa, keep your head up and eyes open. Aint no question! Man is of Mind, so growth and development in these konditions is MANDO. Laung kepada Gorrilla Convict dan Live dari kuncian. Bs besar untuk Mass komrade saya untuk yang masih hidup perjuangan dan menggunakan STRATEGI lebih KEKUATAN muncul seperti phoenix. #RaiseUP “A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.” Free jewel! “Kita perlu mengubah dari atas ...READ MORE


    A Pistol And A Pack

    Hey young world, On how many occasions have I heard you speak of a pistol and a pack as if the streets were a Paris runway and these items mere fashion accessories? Ace Hood’s “Hustle Hard” and BIG’s “10 Crack Commandments” you’ve memorized, walaupun terlalu hilang dalam lirik sedar yang duit kotak kasut anda dan rasa palsu kuasa bermakna apa-apa tanpa berkenaan. Anda tidak boleh membunuh sehingga semua yang anda lihat. Apabila narcs datang mengetuk pek anda ...READ MORE


    Police N The Hood

    The system must be kidding around when they speak of better relationships between the police and the community. That will not happen as a result of body cameras on police uniforms and cameras inside the cop cars. The relationship between law enforcement and the ‘hood has ALWAYS AND WILL ALWAYS be exactly what it is today. The roots of discord are so deep. The hatred, kesangsian, hostility, dan pengkhianatan yang wujud di antara pegawai polis dan 'hood terbukti pada setiap hari ....READ MORE

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