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    Black History Matters

    Great men and women have come from Africa and have exhibited the dignity and intelligence of their ancestors. The story of the so-called black man and woman cannot be told in a few bits about slavery. For there would remain too much untold. If we want to talk about the history of the black man we have to start with Eve, the mother of all civilization Her dark bronze skin and clever mind drew the pattern for our survival tens of thousands of years ago. Her imprint guides us to Egypt. There...READ MORE


    George Frison

    My name is George Frison aka G-Ball. Saya mahu 50 years of age and was raised on the Southside of Chicago in the Auburn-Gresham area, on the borderline of Englewood. I came from what many would consider to be a well-to-do family, as my parents owned and operated an upholstery business in our neighborhood around 79th and Loomis. I was also raised in a Lutheran Church and sang in the choir. Dalam 1980, I had a fight with a boy over a girl. After a series of retaliation by his older brothers against me,...READ MORE


    Solutions To The Day-To-Day Perjuangan Of The People

    Saya sangat sakit menonton program-program ini dengan penyelesaian yang dipanggil keganasan di masyarakat miskin, terutama di kampung halaman saya di Chicago. Orang-orang yang datang dengan penyelesaian ini hidup dalam highrises berkilat dan rumah-rumah mewah dan selesa dan berada di luar sentuhan. Mereka tidak memahami hari-hari perjuangan rakyat dalam masyarakat yang mereka bercakap tentang. Mereka begitu cepat untuk mengatakan penyelesaian utama adalah membaiki rumah yang rosak atau hubungan antara polis dan masyarakat,...READ MORE


    Hood PTSD is Real

    I know a secret that most men and women in prison and in urban America suffer from. Our secret is is Hood Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Hood PTSD). Hood PTSD is an understanding and recognition that men, women and children raised in war-torn ghettos across the United States of America face the same harms, anxieties and mental disorders as our soldiers who serve in the military and go to war. I believe my mental disorder (Hood PTSD) was caused by numerous factors such as abusive parents,...READ MORE


    Al Hatley

    I am Alan Hatley aka AlCapWes. I am 61-years-young. I am a prisoner being held at the old Illinois state penitentiary (Stateville) in Joliet, Illinois. I’m serving a LIFE sentence for Murder and Home Invasion. I’ve been locked up since November 6, 1989. I’m from the city of Chicago, a neighborhood called K-Town, located in the city’s 24th Ward known as North Lawndale, 60623, where I have no street affiliations. Sekarang, looking back over my life, I can see with clear...READ MORE


    4 Kunci Memperkayakan Hidup Anda

    Dari penjara negeri Illinois, Mark Dixon mencadangkan empat kunci untuk memperkayakan kehidupan anda. 1- Tanya diri anda sering: Bagaimana hubungan saya dengan Tuhan? Adakah ia memberi motivasi kepada saya dalam cara yang berguna? Adakah ia membawa saya di jalan yang sejajar dengan ajaran rohani yang sebenar? 2- Tanya diri anda sering: Does my presence in life serve a purpose for anyone other than me? 3- Tanya diri anda sering: Adakah hubungan dalam hidup saya sihat? Adakah rakyat dalam bulatan saya benar-benar untuk saya? 4- Tanya jujur: Do I have a healthy relationship with...READ MORE


    Time to Wake Up

    It’s time to wake up! Along time ago I had to learn to accept that just as not all characters are the same, not all minds are alike. Therefore because a lesson is capable of being taught by one does not dictate that it can easily be learned by another. Certain things can be understood by certain people, but most things are likely to be misunderstood by most people. Lihat, I’m no athlete, actor, ahli politik, or any other type public figure, so I don’t have to be politically...READ MORE


    The Real: Prisoners discuss use of the N-word

    I attend a class here at Stateville Correctional Center (Joliet, IL) called Further Learning/Creative Writing. The class consists of reading various great authors and writing what got out of and think about the literature. We read Black Boy by Richard Wright and discussed it in class. In particular, the use of the word nigger and question of who can and cannot use the word. Out of this discussion was born a conversation with a young brother by the name of Toney Cole R-47028. Tony is 31-years...READ MORE


    Dealing With Death in Prison: When it All Hits You at Once

    The worst news anyone can wake up to in prison is the death of his mother. My mother died on June 30, 2016. And to top it off, I did not learn of her death through the prison administration. Nope, it didn’t happen that way! Something told me to call a woman who has been in my life twenty years and I consider my wife. Unbeknownst to me, she was on her way to the prison, a route she has driven many, many times over the years. She almost lost her life in several near-miss accidents and now...READ MORE


    cinta Abadi

    Semoga Allah memberkati anda ke kedalaman keinginan hatimu dan memberi anda kegembiraan, kedamaian dan kepuasan sepanjang hari anda. I greet you in peace and love eternal. I want you to understand me and my position as I understand you and yours. Adalah penting bahawa anda tahu bahawa saya tidak akan membawa anda untuk diberikan atau menganiaya anda. Kepercayaan anda tidak kena pada tempatnya dalam saya. Saya bukan yang jenis Lelaki. Saya percaya mendalam dalam hubungan yang mana perjalanan yang membawa kepada penubuhan yang jujur, sincere...READ MORE

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