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  • Nama Kerajaan: Mark Dixon
  • Daftar Bilangan: R-01558
  • Umur:32
  • Masa Berkhidmat:14 tahun
  • Bandar Utama:Chicago, Illinois
  • Hukuman:35 tahun
  • Caj Semasa:1st Ijazah Pembunuhan, 2 Tuduhan Pembunuhan Percubaan
  • Alias:Mary David Bo
  • Melepaskan Tarikh:2034
  • Gabungan Penjara:Pengikut Gangster
  • Circle Pengaruh:Encik Neal Labro, Kejatuhan Kembali
  • Institusi:Pickneyville Correctional Center
  • Dengan setiap kanak-kanak dibunuh di jalan-jalan, bullseye di kepala anda tumbuh lebih besar.

The Kaca Kami Pakai

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Getty Images

Have you ever heard someone say that another person was looking at the world through rose-colored glasses? Maybe not. Maybe you’ve heard someone looks at the opposite sex through beer googles. Whenever I hear these phrases I understand them to mean that someone’s way of thinking shapes their perception and how they view the world. In the case of someone who views the world through rose-colored glasses, their idealistic view of things blinds them to the negative realities of the world. In a sense, their way of thinking makes them vulnerable to the harsher realities of life. They think in a way that takes away from their clarity of sight. Begitu juga, the person wearing beer goggles has consumed so much alcohol that their normal standard for attraction has disappeared. Now as a result of the liquor in their system, this person finds everyone attractive. Their thinking has been altered.

Having spent much of my life somehow connected to the world of crime, I now realize that criminal thinking has shaped my view of the world. The people I’ve surrounded my self with, my environment, the events in my life, have shaped the way I see life. I recognize that I have crime glasses on. Glasses that make me see the world as harsher and more dangerous than it actually is. Sebagai contoh, when a normal person meets someone who’s nice their main thoughts is: Oh, this person is nice, I’m glad we met. Me on the other hand, whenever people are nice, wants to know: What is this person up to?

My way of thinking and perception has been molded, ke tahap yang tertentu, by the negative experiences that have been repeated when my life revolved around criminal thinking. Sekarang, the thing is, I don’t even live a life of crime and that pattern of criminal thinking isn’t as necessary as it used to be. The things that take place in the crime world don’t happen so frequently in the normal world.

Perception and awareness of how we see the world is important to everyone who comes from the ‘hood. Mengapa? The world is filled with interactions and situations that normal people engage in a positive manner and benefit from. Some of these interactions are fundamental to and dictate the smaller aspects of success. Ringkasnya, normal people think in a balanced way that deals with the world in a manner that helps them and everyone involved. Their thinking is molded toward positive outcomes. Until we who grew up in the ‘hood teach ourselves a more positive way of thinking, we will continue to deny ourselves the opportunities to erase the poverty, racism and under-education that makes our neighborhoods so destructive. An effect, which in turn, has created our crime glasses in the first place.


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