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  • Nama Kerajaan: Kenneth Thompson
  • Daftar Bilangan: 62502-066
  • Umur:32
  • Masa Berkhidmat:9 yrs
  • Bandar Utama:North Philadelphia, PA
  • Hukuman:20 yrs.
  • Caj Semasa:Pemilikan (61 kilogram) dengan niat untuk Menyampaikan
  • Alias:Ken-Roc
  • Melepaskan Tarikh:2024
  • Gabungan Penjara:N / A
  • Circle Pengaruh:Emanuel Jones
  • Institusi:FCI McKean
  • Ujian kami boleh menjadi berat dan amat sukar untuk bertahan tetapi, Demi selagi kita bersabar dan terus beribadah kepada Allah dengan cara yang betul, ganjaran kami akan lebih besar.

North Philly: The Decisions of Dink (Bahagian 2)

Part Two of the short story “The Decisions of Dink” set in North Philly and written by North Philly native Kenneth Thompson. If you missed Part One, read it here.

“Aye Dink,” Nila eased herself in front of me, “I know you got my hit on the Gram,” she looked into my eyes, causing me to give her a smile.

“Ya, I got it, but what’s up with you and Black?”

“Aint nothing up with me and him. He want to get with me, but I aint feeling that boy like that. I keep telling him I want to be with some body like you, somebody who has a head on his shoulders. I mean for real Dink, you been knew that I was on you and you know you like me too. I see the way you be eying me all crazy.”

“Ya, I like you, that aint no secret,” I confided,” but on the real, you knew me since the first grade so you know I aint trying to go through it with nobody over no dumb stuff. Now I aint into talking behind nobody back, but me and Black just cut from two different cloths.”

“I feel what you saying Dink. I really do, but that don’t change the fact t that I’m trying to be with you. This is what I’m going to do. I’m going to holla at Black and let him know how I feel.” Nila hugged me inside of the crowded hallway and sent chills through my young body. Of course I had to hug her back.

About an hour after I ran into Nila, I was leaving a meeting with my basketball coach when I bumped into my twin sister who seemed to be excited to see me for a change. “Berfikir!” she shouted.

“Apa?” I screwed my face up into an angry ball.

“Why is every one saying that that boy Black telling people he going to beat you up for trying to mess with his girl?”

“Calm down Jazz.”

“Aint no calm down,” she shifted her weight to her left side and threw her hands onto her hip, “What’s up?” she asked, “I know we aint going to have to beat this boy up.” She rolled her eyes, always willing and wanting to fight my battles.

“Chill Jazz, I aint worrying about Black.”

“I aint say you were, but what’s going to happen if he try to fight you?”

“If that’s what he want to do, then it is what it is. I aint running or hiding. Daddy taught me how to do two things before he got locked up, dribble the ball and hold my hands. So like I said, I aint even tripping so go somewhere and chill.”

“Ok Dink, but you know I got your back.” Jazz walked off and left a smile on my face like always.

Since Black was never at school, I went on with my day as if there was no tension brewing and no talk about me getting into a fight with one of the most troublesome teenagers around the way. On my way into fifth period lunch I once again ran into Nila. “I heard about Black,” she approached with a look of irritation on her face, “don’t worry though, I’ll talk to him. I’m sorry he is acting all crazy though. I don’t even like him,” she whined.

“Ya, alright, don’t even sweat it.” I responded and brushed her off, deciding to stick with my gut, which told me to fall back from her.

“Jadi,” Mal asked me, “what you going to do?”

“The same thing I been doing. When school let out, I’m going to walk home the same way I do every day. I aint tripping at all.”

Stay tuned for Part Three.


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