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  • Nama Kerajaan: Quaheem Edwards
  • Daftar Bilangan: 10800-084
  • Umur:28
  • Masa Berkhidmat:6 + yrs.
  • Bandar Utama:Paterson, NJ
  • Hukuman:20 yrs
  • Caj Semasa:Konspirasi untuk mengedarkan, Senjata, Mengugut Saksi
  • Alias:Ox-Splish
  • Melepaskan Tarikh:2024
  • Gabungan Penjara:Darah
  • Circle Pengaruh:Charles Taylor Jr., David berdengung, Yosua Carrell, Tewhan Butler
  • Institusi:USP Tucson
  • Sekarang saya tahu apa yang saya mahu daripada kehidupan untuk diri sendiri, keluarga saya dan masyarakat saya. Saya betul-betul mengenai pembinaan semula dan perubahan. Di atas kertas, Saya sentiasa akan bergabung. Saya bersumpah! Tetapi saya bang untuk tujuan yang sebenar sekarang, atau sebab-sebab beberapa: PERUBAHAN, Penarikan dan kemakmuran. MENINGKATKAN UP!

Medical Neglect in Federal Prison


I’m sure you’ve heard about punishment in prison, whether it be prisoners assaulted by guards then receiving an assault charge in order for staff to explain your injuries or prisoners left, handcuffed and shackled, in an empty cell for days. Well, imagine the lack of medical attention in prison. Medical neglect is the norm in prison. I’ve witnessed guys suffer from kidney stone infections and guys who have been stabbed over a dozen times be expected to cuff-up while fighting for his life.

Baru-baru ini, I’ve been latest case of mistreatment here in USP Tucson. I thought I broke my big toe while playing basketball. The same day, after I was seen by medical staff, the swelling increased and I thought I broke my entire foot. An hour after leaving the medical department I received ibuprofen, a cane and an ace-bandage. It was the weekend, so I knew I had nothing coming until at least Monday morning. That Saturday I was also told that I would get x-rays on Monday morning. When Monday came I did not know if my foot hurt more than my head from verbally wrestling with the medical staff. I was told that I’d be rescheduled. Mujurlah, I was seen, probably because I refused to leave. Of course my actions could have landed me in the hole. Lagi, I only received more ibuprofen. I was then sent back to my housing unit. After lunch I decided to go back to medical. My pain on a scale of 1-10 was a 12! I could not rest, eat nor be still. I finally got x-rayed and came back to the unit and sent emails to everyone on my support team to inform them of this episode. That Friday, almost a full week later, I still had not seen a doctor, nor received the x-ray results. I asked a guard what I should do and he told me to talk to the medical staff during lunch. During lunch hours there is a staff member standing in the hallway with a cart with a computer screen attached. I informed the female staff-member of the events leading up to that moment and she told me I had to get more ibuprofen from canteen. She then said my x-rays were negative. She would not allow me to see the results. I insisted, showing her my foot, and she insisted on reminding me there was nothing wrong with me.

Almost two full weeks later and I still was yet to be seen by a doctor. Some of the swelling began to go down, but I was still in serious pain unable to move my big toe. The purpose of sharing this is to show how prisoners are mistreated and often neglected in prison. Many institutions have pending lawsuits. My case is small compared to thousands of others. I share this story for not just me but for all the men and women prison suffering due to medical neglect in America’s prisons.



2 responses to “Medical Neglect in Federal Prison”

  1. ibu says:

    “She would not allow me to see the results”, like your boday is not anymore yours.

  2. PJ says:

    All too common in federal prison. Staff treats inmates like they are pieces of property, not human beings. They forget that if it wasn’t for those inmates, they wouldn’t have a job (and many would most likely be unemployable, with no marketable skills). I hope inmates who are abused in this manner continue to sue the BOP and hold those in charge responsible for this misconduct.

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