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  • Nama Kerajaan: Michael Key
  • Daftar Bilangan: K-54135
  • Umur:37
  • Masa Berkhidmat:15+ tahun
  • Bandar Utama:Chicago, IL
  • Hukuman:HIDUP
  • Caj Semasa:Pembunuhan, Pembunuhan cuba, Armed Robbery, Home Invasion
  • Alias:Mike G
  • Melepaskan Tarikh:N / A
  • Gabungan Penjara:Pengikut Gangster
  • Circle Pengaruh:Kenneth Key
  • Institusi:Stateville Pemasyarakatan Pusat
  • If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.

Hello Beautiful

Hello beautiful,

I greet you in peace and love eternal . . . Let me begin by stating that I understand your reluctance and your fear because you’re not alone in them. I too am afraid, but I can’t allow that fear to rule me or come in between what my heart tells me it wants. And what it wants is you! By your own admission you too would like to explore where this may take us, which means your heart wants the same thing as mine.

Is there a risk? Of course there is, but what in life isn’t a risk? It’s a risk I’m willing to take, if you are. I need you to know that I would never knowingly or intentionally put you in danger. I am very attracted to you. There is profound substance and quality to you that I am drawn to. And I really want to get to know you.

Nothing is impossible when two people really want something. No distance or obstacle is insurmountable. I know what I want. I guess the question is, do you? Do you believe in destiny and fate? Do you believe that they transcend time, space and location? Do you believe that no matter what destiny and fate will find a way and even make a way to fulfillment? Saya. Everything happens for a reason. No matter how much we fight against it or refuse to see and accept it for what it is.

I’m not going to keep you. I only ask that you give what I’ve said some serious thought. I hope to hear back from you soon.


One response to “Hello Beautiful”

  1. ibu says:

    Terlalu ramai orang takut untuk menerima untuk membuka hati dan jiwa mereka. Ambil risiko, jump in the unknown, enjoy completely what life offers you. Love knows no distance and no time.

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