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  • Nama Kerajaan: Quaheem Edwards
  • Daftar Bilangan: 10800-084
  • Umur:28
  • Masa Berkhidmat:6 + yrs.
  • Bandar Utama:Paterson, NJ
  • Hukuman:20 yrs
  • Caj Semasa:Konspirasi untuk mengedarkan, Senjata, Mengugut Saksi
  • Alias:Ox-Splish
  • Melepaskan Tarikh:2024
  • Gabungan Penjara:Darah
  • Circle Pengaruh:Charles Taylor Jr., David berdengung, Yosua Carrell, Tewhan Butler
  • Institusi:USP Tucson
  • Sekarang saya tahu apa yang saya mahu daripada kehidupan untuk diri sendiri, keluarga saya dan masyarakat saya. Saya betul-betul mengenai pembinaan semula dan perubahan. Di atas kertas, Saya sentiasa akan bergabung. Saya bersumpah! Tetapi saya bang untuk tujuan yang sebenar sekarang, atau sebab-sebab beberapa: PERUBAHAN, Penarikan dan kemakmuran. MENINGKATKAN UP!

Banging on the Inside: An Inside View of Prison Gangs

“An environment that once felt like home has now become a death trap”

Where do we begin?

In the federal system.

Who you were on the street, and whatever rank you had, means nothing behind these walls. You either fall in line or get “voted off the island.” This is an environment where the tough guys have no place. Now a days, most want to keep the noise down and if you’re the “hothead” getting you out of the way becomes no sweat.

Banging behind these walls will change the mind frame of any individual with common sense. According to the “old laws” of the federal penitentiary, there are at least four important rules that are prohibited in the gang organizations:

  1. Snitching
  2. Stealing
  3. Homosexual Activity
  4. Interfering with another car’s business. (for more on “kereta,” click here.)

The four rules above, if not avoided, will lead to severe consequences. If not death! Tetapi sekali lagi, those are “the old laws” in an environment where politics have clearly taken over. Most conflict comes from a few “man laws” that are, dalam kebanyakan kes, minor. Most gangs in the system are quick to defuse conflict with other groups or cars but won’t hesitate to bring harm to their own comrade. This is why many gang members come into the system “off count.” Meaning, they prefer to run with guys from their state or prefer to be on “max time” also meaning, they’d rather deal with individuals from any and everywhere.

Apabila saya baru hendak mula tawaran saya dan ahli Darah lain tiba ke kawasan yang mengumumkan bahawa mereka tidak “on count” Saya merenung individu-individu ini hairan dan keliru kerana saya tidak mempunyai petunjuk apa yang ia bermaksud untuk menjadi “off count.” I was taught that “you’re either in or out,” there’s no half time/part time.

Hari ini, I am on the other side, the same side as my “off count” rakan-rakan, and all I can do is smile as I cross paths with the new “hot heads.” It feels as if I am looking at an old reflection of myself. The big difference from me and the guys who watched me as a “hot head,” I am determined to help the lost.

As follows

by General

Crenshaw Mafia Blood

Most of the guy’s in the Feds bang because there’s a lack of understanding. Their mentality is distorted and non-productive. Jadi, these individuals cling to something mundane and simple. In their mind frame maturity is perceived to be a form of weakness because they’ve been taught by their peers through disguise. This disguise consists of pride, and the sake of not wanting to be alone, and many other egotistical attributes. From my experience, I’ve observed those who bang on the inside as lost. There’s no more hope (at least in their minds) these individuals attempt to make their lives count through brutality and unruly behavior. Individu-individu ini tidak menyedari kemampuan mereka dan dari apa yang mereka tidak mampu mencapai melalui pengetahuan dan pemahaman. They are complacent with the view of their cohorts and do not value the aspect of being pro-active and thinking for themselves.

Individu-individu ini kekal tidak berubah dalam dunia yang berkembang dan berputar Kebanyakan bangers tidak faham kedudukan mereka dalam kehidupan ini dan akan datang dari darah yang tidak lagi “gang-bangs”. But I am all for breeding a new generation.

As follows

by Black

active member of, The Black Guerilla Family

Because of the shortage of true leadership in the federal system, the effort to become a constructive and progressive movement has been diluted and corrupted by “prison politics,” which is nothing more than a pseudonym for “I can’t stand on my own.”

Terdapat ramai yang sebenarnya telah diberikan petunjuk dan berbicara untuk, but if these individuals had someone who really cared about their well being that someone would teach these individuals a “better way”.

We as leaders of organizations have a duty to show those behind us how to reach their full potential. As we breed a new generation we will educate one another on political understanding, perniagaan, social diversity, parenting, and more. Kami berharap untuk mewujudkan saluran positif lain untuk bukan sahaja menyediakan yang di bahagian dalam untuk masyarakat tetapi juga untuk menyedarkan anda di luar sebelum anda hidup dalam keadaan yang sama. Instead of dwelling on “bangin’ on the inside,” lets help our youth develop a true understanding of law. Most of us are “green” to the truth, until it is too late. Let’s bang! (Breed A New Generation)

Di tutup

oleh “Anonymous”

A true leader

Dalam 1983 I blew trial, dan tekan lama USP Terre Haute dalam sistem persekutuan. Dahulu, banging on the inside was just as strong as it was on the streets, minus the guns. Darah-darah, Crips, Vice Lords and Gangster Disciples overpopulated the prison by far. There were also Latin Kings and B.G.F. (Black gerila Keluarga) yang juga mempunyai kubu kuat ketika itu.

Ninety percent of Bloods I’ve met throughout my journey were from Cali. Now a days, for every two Bloods I meet from the west coast, I meet ten from the East Coast. The majority of the Vice Lords and Gangster Disciple were from Chicago. Black Gerila keluarga adalah dari kawasan-Bay. Latin Kings dan Crips adalah satu-satunya kumpulan-kumpulan lain yang mempunyai geng badan dari bahagian-bahagian yang berlainan di dunia. One wouldn’t have known the difference unless they knew these bangers personally.

Back in the day, the sets were really tripping hard on one another because of the violent street beefs that followed individuals to prison. For anyone who entered the “Haute” back then, ia adalah mandatori dan pada penglihatan untuk mengetahui di mana mereka datang dari dan apa sahaja set mereka mendakwa. They would let it be known with pride. There was not as much fear as there is today. Paperwork was rarely used back then. Individuals would simply call a members “hud”.

Dahulu, minding your own business was law! Everyone stood on principle, or they were dealt with accordingly, and unlike today, even the personal disciplines weren’t everyone’s business.

Another law was based on “man time,” meaning if that was what you chose when you walked onto a yard, it was respected. “Man time” maka adalah semata-mata seorang lelaki yang memilih untuk melakukan zamannya sendiri, tanpa apa-apa obligasi kepada mana-mana kumpulan. His associates were limited but his associates were also who “dia” chose to be around him, not who chose him!

Dahulu, in general, doing time was more serious, especially when dealing with the COs. They stayed out of your way but, don’t get it twisted, they did their job. Perbezaan pada masa itu adalah pengawal tidak “live to work, they worked to live.” Tawanan berlari bersama. Mereka adalah lebih berkenaan. Lebih banyak individu dapat berfikir “untuk diri mereka sendiri” dan merasionalkan mengenai perkara-perkara yang serius, terutamanya dengan hidup dan mati sentiasa mengintai. Tidak ada soalan yang ditanya ketika datang masa untuk dimasukkan ke dalam kerja. Mexico tidak benar-benar wujud dalam sistem dan majoriti Cuba berada di bawah unit kunci “24/7.” Anda tidak boleh melihat mereka tetapi anda boleh mendengar mereka jika unit anda telah ditempatkan di sebelah mereka. Ia adalah seperti mendengar sesuatu perhimpunan di Cuba. Kanak-kanak lelaki putih berada di sini juga. Tidak seperti hari ini, they stood on their beliefs.

Bottom line, the gang structure now a days has crumbled to pieces. Now you have “desperate leaders” struggling to put back together a puzzle without the important pieces. Bangin’ di bahagian dalam kini hanya satu jenaka dan tamparan hebat kepada pengasas dengan beberapa wakil setia baki.

With a little under a year left on my sentence, despite a few setbacks, I am fortunate to have had made it this far.



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