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    Black History Matters

    Great men and women have come from Africa and have exhibited the dignity and intelligence of their ancestors. The story of the so-called black man and woman cannot be told in a few bits about slavery. For there would remain too much untold. If we want to talk about the history of the black man we have to start with Eve, the mother of all civilization Her dark bronze skin and clever mind drew the pattern for our survival tens of thousands of years ago. Her imprint guides us to Egypt. There...READ MORE


    The Snitch

    This prose is about the snitch. Sesetengah mungkin mendapati ia menyakitkan, but I am compelled to write about it for the sake of enlightening you on how snitches can be counter-productive to a community. Sebelum anda benar-benar boleh memahami bagaimana mengadukan boleh menjadi penghalang kepada kemakmuran masyarakat,,en,anda perlu terlebih dahulu memahami apa yang mengadukan adalah dan bagaimana mereka datang kira-kira,,en,Sejarah Snitching Snitching telah berlaku selagi manusia wujud,,en,tetapi ramai seolah-olah mengaitkan istilah dengan jenayah dan hitam ..,,en,atau pun kanak-kanak lelaki mereka boleh berakhir menjadi subjek kisah ..,,en,tetapi Chasin,,en,Freedum adalah kira-kira lebih dari penjara banduan melarikan diri,,en,kekurangan..,,en,tahun ..,,en,hari kelahiran saya,,en,Saya mempunyai petisyen pengampunan belum selesai di hadapan Obama ..,,en,Quawntay Edwards aka Bosco,,en, you must first understand what a snitch is and how they came about. The History of Snitching Snitching has been going on for as long as man existed, but many seem to associate the term with crime and Black...READ MORE


    African Hebrew Israelites and Redemptive Struggle in Prison

    Young brothers enter prison and become curious about religion and various spiritual paths. 30 brothers meet upstairs in the gym at Stateville Correctional Center (Joliet, Illinois) to gain understanding about Hebrew Israelites and the Hebraic way of life. Once a month we have a question and answer in the spirit of universal brotherhood and righteousness. The aim is to give all in search of redemption practical things they can do, as well as historical information on our identity and...READ MORE


    Pardon Me: Obama Commutes Sentence of Chelsea Manning

    Pada Januari 18, 2017, just 48 hours before Barack Hussein Obama was prepping to relinquish the Presidency of this nation, I received a faxed letter from the Office of the Pardon Attorney on his behalf that stated in part, “The application of Roderick Pavon Sutton for commutation of sentence was carefully considered in this department and the White House, and the decision was reached that favorable action is not warranted. The application of Roderick Pavon Sutton was therefore denied by...READ MORE

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