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    Samuel Karim: Who I Am

    20 years of incarceration- Samuel Karim of Chicago, Illinois Digging deep in the complex soil that is me, Samuel Karim, understanding why I am who I am– that is my legacy. I was born during the 1970s into a Muslim home with its own complexities. My father was a minister of the Nation of Islam. I was born in Chicago. I have lived in Saint Louis, Fort Worth, Лос Анџелес, and Gary, Indiana. I have attended around nineteen different schools. I really never had any sort of foundation except...Повеќе


    Time to Wake Up

    It’s time to wake up! Along time ago I had to learn to accept that just as not all characters are the same, not all minds are alike. Therefore because a lesson is capable of being taught by one does not dictate that it can easily be learned by another. Certain things can be understood by certain people, but most things are likely to be misunderstood by most people. Погледнете, I’m no athlete, actor, политичар, or any other type public figure, so I don’t have to be politically...Повеќе


    вечна љубов

    Нека Господ Бог да те благослови во длабочините на желбата на твоето срце и да ви даде радост, мир и задоволство во текот на денот. I greet you in peace and love eternal. I want you to understand me and my position as I understand you and yours. Тоа е важно да се знае дека јас никогаш нема да ти земе здраво за готово или малтретираат. Вашата доверба не е неоправдан во мене. Јас не сум тип на човек. Верувам длабоко во врската каде што патувањето доведува до формирање на чесен, sincere...Повеќе


    Marginalized: The Criminalization of a Race

    As the cycle of mass incarceration continues, prison will be an expected rite of passage into manhood for an even greater number of African American men. За жал, most will consider their prison experience to be a badge of honor. Вистината да им се каже, more than any other ethnic group in this nation, people of African descent, particularly males, have endured the somber and debilitating impacts of prison. Во 2010, African Americans comprised nearly 50% of the incarcerated population in America while...Повеќе


    AmeriKKKa Хитлер: Стоп Доналд Трамп

    As we strive for liberation, and acknowledge the gains we have made, for our self preservation one truth must be spoken plain . . . Donald Trump must be stopped! By any and all means! He is the epitome of the white nationalist enemy. The same white supremacy that birthed Hitler’s Nazi Germany. 2016 is not just another bourgeoisie presidential election. Не, this election is a fight for the soul of Black Amerika. B.L.A.C.K. луѓе, that is Black, Latinos, Asians/Arabs (progressive)...Повеќе


    Words of Encouragement for My African Queens and Daughters

    Painting by Live from Lockdown contributor Kenneth Key, incarcerated at Stateville Correctional Center (Илиноис Одделот за корекции). I want to talk to my young queens, my sisters, my daughters, who have been scarred by past relationships. Every day I think of you and just want to convey some words of encouragement. Тоа е мојата молитва дека моите зборови ќе запалат некои душа патување и да се зголеми вашата верба во себе. A belief that many of you have lost. Свесен сум дека кога ќе се реши за ...Повеќе


    Остане на курсот и да се борат!

    We must stay the course and not allow the challenges that come our way to impede our forward progress. Наместо, we must view our challenges as blessings and opportunities to grow. No matter what we are striving for in our personal lives, if we want it, we must fight for it. When we don’t struggle for the things we want, we will inevitably experience fear that we will not achieve what we want or a sense of guilt when opportunity passes us by. Even when we may have put forth some effort, we...Повеќе


    Building Our Communities

    How are we supposed to feel a part of this country when the powers that be just do what they want to our people? We need money for everything, but the sad reality is that we need money to keep our families together. Without money we are considered dead. But when we get money, we just buy materialistic shit to show our worth. In reality, we could have all the materialistic shit out there and front like we got it, but our families will be fucked up. Parents are acting like their kids don’t...Повеќе


    Простувањето: An Apology to All Women

    “If anyone will take these two words to heart and use them for her own guidance, she will be almost without sin and will lead a very powerful life. These two words are bear and for bear.” -Epicetus Јас донесе порака за извинување за сите маки ние мажи сте предизвикани, за да напуштање на свет што не знае големината на твојата големина. Се извинуваме што ве нарекуваат мама нашето бебе, instead of giving you the title you deserve, дека на кралицата. Знам дека мажите имаат ...Повеќе


    The Evolution of Overseer to Police Officer (Дел 2)

    Read The Evolution of Overseer to Police Officer (Дел 1). Once again the modern day Overseers have proven to the people of African descent that no matter how much we peacefully protest, our lives truly DO NOT MATTER! As I watched that horrific video of Philando Castile slaughtered in the backseat of a car in front of his fiancee and four year old daughter and left to bleed-out like a cattle, I almost shed tears! Tears of anger, frustration, понижување, helplessness, and familiarity. It was...Повеќе

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