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  • Владата Име: Марк Диксон
  • Регистрирај се Број: Р-01558
  • Возраст:32
  • Време служев:14 години
  • Роден град:Чикаго, Illinois
  • Реченица:35 години
  • Тековната задолжен:1ул степен убиство, 2 Точки од обвинението за обид за убиство
  • Алијас:Chyna Бо
  • Датум на издавање:2034
  • Затвор Припадност:Гангстер ученик
  • Круг на влијание:Г-дин Нил Labro, Падне назад
  • Институција:Pickneyville Correctional Center
  • Со секое дете убиени на улиците, на bullseye на главата расте поголем.

Обратна расизам

“Ова овде е Регина Малком. Јас сум тука со кршење вести од местото на она што е најновиот во осип на полицијата престрелки. Важно е да се напомене дека, како и во останатите десет полициски вклучени престрелки, the three that took place this month have all been young white males. Исто така, постои прашањето дали двајца од млади луѓе кои беа наводно да бидат вооружени биле вооружени или не, која очигледно го покренува прашањето за тоа дали или не пушки беа засадени на местото на настанот. Само една минута, I’m being told that we’ve located a witness to the shooting.” A distraught, middle-aged, teary-eyed woman steps into the light of the camera, “tell us your name please.”

“I’m Elizabeth Pennington.”

“Ms. Pennington, what did you see?”

“Тоа беше . . . unbelievable. I can’t get the image out of my head. Јас . . .I was on my porch to take Sammy here for a walk” the cameraman pans down to capture footage of the small brown and black terrier “when I noticed police pulling the young man over, The young man puts both hands out of the driver side window; you know to show he wasn’t armed. The officers exit the car and immediately drew their weapons. ‘Get out of the car!’ they yelled but as soon as he stepped out of the car they began to shoot. О, боже! I saw his face explode.” Walking away she gives into the trauma of his pale blue skull opened wide to expose his pink brain matter. The camera refocuses in on the attractive reporter.

“Just behind me is the corpse of 22-year-old Ryan Ruberg. He remains in the middle of the street, body uncovered, as police apparently await for forensic experts and attempt to keep the growing crowd under control. Some residents are upset that his body hasn’t had a sheet placed over it.” The view switches to Dan Sway and Judy Bale the anchors in the studio.

“That’s the tenth case in a four month span where young white males have been the victims of police aggression.”

Judy adds, “don’t forget that several of the cases include victims who were unarmed and in at least two of the three cases officers claim the victim was armed, while witnesses stated there was no weapon present at the time of the shooting.”

“Judy, it’s caused quite a stir in several affluent communities who refuse to accept that the aggressive tactics are a necessary part of police work.”

“И, I’m told all residents fear their children may be next in what looks like a pattern of police shootings targeting young white males.”

At the scene of the incident reporter Regina Malcolm reappears. “И, Judy. We’re being told that the mayor is having a meeting with law enforcement brass about the recent crisis. He’ll hold a press conference momentarily.” The screen cuts to a view of the mayor approaching a crowd of waiting reporters.

Waving his hands to calm the reporters who shout questions rapid fire, “Allow me to address the public, and I’ll be happy to answer your questions. To begin, there is no connection in these shootings involving law enforcement and young white males. These officers are just doing their job; a very dangerous job I might add, and we stand behind them. We need everyone to remain calm as we gather the relevant facts. Then we’ll present the findings of the investigation to the public. Дотогаш, you all have to be patient and not rush to judgment.” Pointing to a reporter directly in front of him, “Прашање?”

“Г-дин. Mayor, in the past four months twelve young white men have been murdered by police under clearly questionable circumstances. Од друга страна,, we’ve had school shootings in poor black neighborhoods. We’ve had hostage situations in a Latino neighborhood. Even an Asian guy entered a police station with bomb not two weeks ago. In all cases the perpetrator was apprehended without incident. My question is, is there a difference in the levels of aggression used against white males and others?”

“Listen it’s true that ninety-eight percent of police shootings involve young white males, but that does not mean they are targeted.”

“How do you explain the delicate handling of all other ethnic groups?”

“We are working on officer sensitivity training to help bring these numbers down.”

Another reporter asks, “The last two shootings led to protests in well to do communities. What are you planning to keep things from getting out of hand?”

“Добивме жалби за нашите вооружени сили како одговор на насилните народот, но солзавец и оклопни возила се неопходни за одржување на редот.”

So how do you explain officers treating protestors, кои се остварат своето уставно право на слобода на говорот, како терористи?”

“Нашите службеници имаат работа да се направи. People complaining that tear gas was used or because they were handled roughly should not go out and protest.

“Mayor, Дали сте велејќи дека данок плаќаат граѓаните немаат право да се противи на власта, дури и кога тие се во ред?”

“People can do what they want. They just have to expect that we’ll respond.”

“What about allegations that police command are protecting police who kill innocent citizens?”

“That’s ridiculous. If they were innocent, they would not have been shot.”

“What about allegations that police planted a weapon in two of the cases?”

“That’s absurd. These are police officers . They wouldn’t do such a thing.”

“Sounds like you are saying police are above the law.”

“We are the law” he says walking away.


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