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  • Владата Име: Quaheem Едвардс
  • Регистрирај се Број: 10800-084
  • Возраст:28
  • Време служев:6 + години.
  • Роден град:Патерсон, NJ
  • Реченица:20 години
  • Тековната задолжен:Заговор да се дистрибуираат, Оружје, Заплашување на сведоци
  • Алијас:Вол-Splish
  • Датум на издавање:2024
  • Затвор Припадност:Крв
  • Круг на влијание:Charles Taylor Jr., Дејвид зујат, Џошуа Carrell, Tewhan Батлер
  • Институција:USP Тусон
  • Јас сега знам што сакам од животот за себе, моето семејство и мојата заедница. Јас сум строго за обнова и промени. На хартија, Јас секогаш ќе бидат поврзани. Зедов заклетва! Но јас тресне за вистинската причина сега, или неколку причини: ПРОМЕНИ, Upliftment и просперитет. Raise Up!

Затвор телефон, е-маил, податоци такси, трансфер на пари и повеќе #WTOW

Овој сајт и сите содржини на овој сајт не можат да бидат копирани, репродуцира, реиздава, поставени, испратени, пренесуваат, дистрибуирани, или да се користат за создавање на изведени дела без живо од Заклучување на (Во живо) претходна писмена согласност, освен што живеат грантови ќе неексклузивна, непренослива, ограничена дозвола за пристап и прикажување на веб-страници во рамките на овој сајт, исклучиво на вашиот компјутер и за вашите лични, некомерцијална употреба на овој веб-сајт. Оваа дозвола е условена со вашите не менување на содржината на екранот на овој сајт, Вашиот чување непроменети сите авторски права, трговски марки, и други сопственички известувања, и прифаќање на сите услови, услови, и известувања придружни содржини или на друг начин утврдени со овој сајт. LIVE не Ви дава никакви експлицитни или имплицитни права или лиценци под никакви авторски права или други права комерцијален или интелектуална сопственост. Вие не може да се огледало било од содржини од овој сајт на друг веб сајт или на било кој други медиуми.

Over the years the phone system has changed for the better. There was a point in time when a person could just get on the phone and make back to back calls. As you might assume, this led to conflict all over the system, making the telephone a leading “death trap”.

The phone system is now set up, where each inmate is given 300 minutes per month. There are no more of those “county jail” phone companies like paytel where your loved ones set up accounts for you. Unless your family accepts collect calls, you cannot make out going calls without having funds on your inmate account.

Once you have funds on your account, you will have to transfer money to your (ITS) account in order to make a call. In order to do this, follow the steps below:

Pick up the phone, and dial the digits 1-1-8 followed by your nine digit pac number.
Listen to the direction, then press (3). You will then be asked to enter the amount you want transferred to your phone (in whole dollars) followed by the pound key (#).
If you entered (5) this number will be repeated back by the automated voice for assurance. You will then press (1) to accept.

And now you have $5.00 on your phone account.

Each inmate is entitled to one fifteen minutes call every thirty minutes. Дека е во право, no more calling back to back for those of you who love keeping tabs on your baby mommas. Исто така,, if your phone calls aren’t local, prepare to dish out $4 да се $5 every fifteen minutes.

Сепак, there are a number of companies who sell local numbers to inmates, for a small fee. (see the end of this section for more info).

Beware, those three-hundred minutes can be gone in no time. I see guys all of the time pouting seven days after they’ve received their minutes. Then they’re waiting around miserable until they re-validate. Your re-validation determines when you receive those fresh (300 min.)

Aside from waiting until you re-validate before you can make that next call, there are ways. You’ll figure it out.

Attention! The feds have found another way to get us to spend money. Trulinks! This is a new e-mail system designed for inmates to stay in tune with the outside world. Не, you cannot get on the internet or update your Facebook page. But you can send and receive messages as long as they are approved.

In most institutions, there’s at least three computers set up in each unit.

When you add someone to your e-mail list, you have to be sure they go to (Corrlinks) and agree to accept e-mails from you.

Сега, in order to logon to the institution’s computer, you must first type in your inmate register number, followed by your pac number and four digit commissary number. You will then click he “ok” button and this will bring you to the next screen. You will click where it says “purchase tru units.” You can purchase (40) tru units for $2.00, but this is the minimum.

You will be charged a tru unit to view (public messages) which is any e-mail you may have received. Но, before viewing public messages, you will know if you have any new messages. The highlighted blue letters in the top left hand corner will inform you.

You will also be charged a certain number of tru units while reading your incoming messages. This also depends on how slow you read.

As for sending e-mails, добро, this all depends on how fast you can type. If you’re one of those who can only type with one finger, I advise you to get a “homie” to help you. Уште подобро, sign up for a typing class. Most institutions offer these classes free of charge.

These computers are used for just about everything now; from sending staff request, adding phone numbers and addresses to your list, as well as checking for any appointments you may have the next day. You can even view the institution’s food menu for the week. And surprisingly, we’re not being charged tru-units to view any of these memos.

Your loved ones have two options when it comes to putting money on your books.

Option #1-Western Union
Your family can go to Walmart, or any Western Union, and request “the blue quick collect form”. On this form they will fill in your name and register number where it is required. Where it says city code, they must fill in (FBOP) and where it asks for the state code, they will add (ДК). The rest of the information applies to them. Исто така,, there will be a $10.00 wire charge.

Option #2-Lock Box
Have your family fill out a postal money order with your name and number. Your name and number will also go on the envelope in the center, as if they were sending it directly to you. Below is an example with the correct address.

John Doe #12345-678
Lock Box
Des Moines, Iowa

The thing about having money sent to the Lock Box is there is a wait before the money is cleared. The wait can be a few days or a couple of weeks.

You will have a $320.00 monthly spending limit. You can spend it all up at one time or break it up so that it lasts the entire month. If you do choose to spend your limit on one shop, you will not be able to shop again until you re-validate. Shopping at commissary in our world is like going to the grocery store. You can purchase just about everything from meats, rice and soups, to seasonings like Ms. Dash and garlic powder. There’s a two ice cream limit per inmate per week when you shop.

When trying to manage your spending limit, remember hygiene items and postage stamps are not included. You can buy as much hygiene as you want, but there is a (3) book limit on stamps.

Within the first couple of weeks of you arriving at an institution, you will have your initial meeting with your unit team. At this meeting, you will be informed of what needs to be done during your stay. If you owe any fines or court assessments, at this meeting you will be asked to sign a contract, which will determine when and how much you will have to pay on your fine. Most contracts are $25.00 per quarter (every three months).

There is a new system that basically monitors your money and if you’ve been paying on your fine.

For example when you pull up your balance on the inmate computer screen, you should see an outstanding number like $1,247.00. This basically means, if you owe a fine, and you receive $1,247.00 or more, without paying on that fine, you will be placed on FRP Refusal. There are restrictions on a number of things when you’re on FRP Refusal. You will be given a $25.00 spending limit, and you’ll be restricted until you pay on your fine.


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