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  • Владата Име: Kenneth Key
  • Регистрирај се Број: A70562
  • Возраст:57
  • Време служев:33 години
  • Роден град:Чикаго, IL
  • Реченица:888 години (Natural Life)
  • Тековната задолжен:Armed Robbery, Киднапирањето
  • Алијас:Blue & Ananyah Ben Yisrael
  • Датум на издавање:N / A
  • Затвор Припадност:N / A
  • Круг на влијание:Jamel Miller
  • Институција:Stateville поправниот дом
  • You will rise in direct proportion to the decrease in your negative thoughts, words and actions

затвор конфликти

Stateville поправниот дом (Joliet, Illinois). A meeting is taking place on the yard between the 39 Street Gents (fictional name). The leadership is confronting a lower ranking member on a rumor that he’s a snitch. T is the leader and Baby C is the second in command. The crowd includes various members of the Gents. The alleged snitch’s name is Lowdown. The brother bringing the charges is on the new [fresh off the street]!

T: We want to call this meeting to order. Got a serious matter to tend to! Lowdown has had the charge of snitching brought against him.

Baby C: Who was he supposed to tell on G?

T: Chuck B just came from the world with a 20-year bid and he is bringing the charges on Lowdown, so we’ll let him speak.

Chuck B: Gents, I’ll get straight to it! Човек, we were working the tip on 49 Ул. Me, Lil D and X-Man. Business was heavy and traffic was in and out. Lowdown had security on the block. About 7pm that evening Lowdown came to the spot. We had just re-upped and he came through to check and see that all was well. He stayed about ten minutes. 2 minutes after he left, the spot got raided by the 8th District. Everyone was handcuffed. We had got rid of all the product and only one gun was found. As we were leaving the officer said, ” You need to be mindful of the company you keep.”

T: So are you saying Lowdown gave y’all up?

Chuck B: it looks that way. I mean who else could they have been talking about?

Baby C: That don’t mean he told on y’all. Did he come to court on anyone? Was his name in any paperwork? Was there anything that pointed to Lowdown in anyone’s case?

Chuck B: Затвори. But man it couldn’t be anyone else, and it happened soon as we re-upped. He comes through and soon as he leaves the spot, here come the cops. Nobody else came through except the usual fiends.

A Member in the Crowd: Човек, you got us in a meeting over some maybe, could have, feel like, shit! We know Lowdown. Bro has been solid all the years we’ve known him and never heard he wore a jacket like that.

Lowdown: I’ll tell you what’s up! T, this chump carrying a grudge on the simple fact I knocked China Girl from him. She was hollering at him and respecting The code I asked her was she property of his or any other Gent and she said no! Dude been salty ever since. Mind you, I hollered at him about her out of courtesy and he told me, “Човек, do you. She’ll choose where she wants to be.”

T: So you came here bringing charges on some jealousy shit? Bout to have us 91 a bro on hearsay and speculation Chuck B?

Chuck B: Човек, who else could it have been? This ain’t got nothing to do with a broad, доверба. The cop said to me I need to be mindful of the company I keep and Lowdown was who had just left.

T: But that ain’t proof B. I mean it could have been an undercover, an informant. You brought no real proof, so you just brought yourself a hefty violation. Take the brother behind the handball court – 10 minutes no cover-up. $100 fine to be paid by the end of the month.

This is the type of senseless conflict that happens in prison. Some have met their death as a result of he said, they said. Во затвор, at least in Illinois, you do not here of all-out fights between rival gangs. There is usually more infighting, violations and take-overs within the ranks than anything else.

Without guns the dynamics of conflict change.

Сега, don’t get it twisted, our prisons and jails are filled with tension. Men who have killed members of rival crews or a family member of another prisoner are on the same gallery sharing meals, conversing, playing basketball, and working out together.

Depending on who you are, when you come to prison, you will be put on silence for your first thirty days to be checked out. Back in the day you had to wear a chicken bone or another object so people would know not to talk to you. And if someone was caught speaking to you they would be violated. This is from a group that claims to love you. I give you this because most young people in the streets today are hooked up [gang members or affiliated]. И, whether you are or not, most of you will be some sort of prey in prison. Јас Ви ветувам. The pecking order is a lot more serous in this little world called prison. Very few are who they were in the streets when they get to prison.

Take advantage of your opportunities. Value your freedom. You are rebellious because you don’t want your moms or old man telling you what to do. In prison everyone tells you what to do, and your refusal to do what you are told results in immediate consequences.

When I was in the gang culture, the brothers on the new were given security detail. That meant you were active the moment you wake. You were assigned to a ranking official and had to make it to him with your knife on you and your job was to secure him everywhere he went. If he went to the Law Library, to eat, to the gym, you were there. In the shower, you stood like all the other security men, guarding those showering. To get caught without that knife on you would cost you a violation you would not forget. To get caught with it by prison staff would cost you an additional 4-15 години, ran concurrent with your sentence.

In the mob you are always on mob time. If you work in the kitchen, you are going to feed the rank and file and make sure the soldiers are fed. If you work clothing, clothes to all. If you do cellhouse help, you are responsible for cleaning supplies etc. You will never be able to do you. Why would you want to be under such rule? And on top of that you will be subject to all the other prison rules. If moms tell you clean your room, you don’t. But in prison, if you don’t, you won’t go to chow, visit or recreation until your cell is in compliance. Период. Trust, guys try that rule every day and later be hollering for a pack of noodles because they missed that fried chicken line. You won’t be allowed out for a shower, the two times a week we are allowed to shower, until your cell is in order. Maybe you should reconsider out there.

In a lot of prisons power is of at 11:00 часот. That means no TV and radio, unless you can afford batteries. They don’t even sell lamps here anymore because a guy tried to kill himself with the light bulb. Now we are forced to buy a little disposable night light that runs off batteries for $12.00. It emits about 100,000 hours of light, then you buy another.

Токму сега, if you are reading this, you can still turn your life around. Think about life out there and think about life in prison with absolutely no choices when it comes to what you are going to do day-to-day. No more waking up and going to your favorite burger joint, fish spot or bakery. No more hanging out and hollering at the ladies. THAT”S OVER once you come to prison. No more companionship. Even if you do have a girl to visit you, you are only allowed a brief hug and one kiss at the beginning of a visit and one at the end, no tongue. You violate those rules and it will be six months with no visits at all. Second violation, no contact visits. Third violation and you are out of the visit hall for as long as they feel it will take you to get the message. You can’t even imagine life without the opposite sex and you got a 25-years sentence or better. There are men in this prison on no contact status wh have not touched, kissed or hugged a loved one in over ten years.

I know you would like to put on the face like prison is a walk in the park, but you’re in for a rude awakening when you step behind these walls. Male and female, a lot of you will be prey. You will be bullied and tricked into things you never thought you would do. Yeah I know, you’re a G with three guns under your belt etc. But know this: even the strong fall, and many have fallen.

Why play the game?

With some effort you can build a legitimate empire. You simply need to equip yourself with the tools and connect with the right people and resources. There are rules in everything we do in life. The whole idea of a renegade is a bunch of bullshit. It’s your choice. Choose what rules you will play by and know the consequences.

Stop with the shortcuts!

Hard work pays off. Just look around you. You think the food you eat, clothes you wear and the cars you drive get made by people just sitting around high? It’s your choice. #RaiseUP

Decory is 39 years-old and has served 18 години затвор. Biggest Regret: Not being able to provide for his family and those who need him most; not taking advantage of those blessings that were put before me such as school and afterschool programs by those who were trying to help me. Once you’re in prison, you see the mistakes you’ve made and you wish you had done different, but it’s too late. Message to the Youth: Remain focused on the things you can change! Don’t allow your upbringing to dictate your pace in life. The world has plenty of problems. It’s how you address a problem that makes you who you are. Don’t allow anyone to dictate your pace, and if someone is genuinely trying to have your back, accept their help and grow from it.

My friend Marshall is a father, неговиот, brother and healthcare instructor/practitioner. He is 25 years-old and has served 10 години затвор. He spent over four years in Cook County Jail and five here at Stateville Correctional Center. Biggest Regret: Hasn’t forgiven those close to him. Дури и полошо, he hasn’t asked for forgiveness for his narcissistic wrongs. Message to the Youth: No man is an island. Everyone will realize that in their own time of mercy . . . it’s coming! Clean up your relationships today with verbal forgiveness and compassion.


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