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  • Владата Име: Kenneth Thompson
  • Регистрирај се Број: 62502-066
  • Возраст:32
  • Време служев:9 години
  • Роден град:Северна Филаделфија, Па
  • Реченица:20 години.
  • Тековната задолжен:Possession (61 kilograms) with intent to Deliver
  • Алијас:Кен-Roc
  • Датум на издавање:2024
  • Затвор Припадност:N / A
  • Круг на влијание:Емануел Џонс
  • Институција:FCI McKean
  • Нашите испитувања може да биде тешка и крајно тешко да се издржи, но, сигурно додека ние остануваме пациентот и да продолжи да му служат на Бога во соодветен начин, нашата награда ќе биде уште поголем.

North Philly: The Decisions of Dink (Дел 3)


Дел 3 of the short story “The Decisions of Dink, written by Philadelphia native Kenneth Thompson. It gets real outside a North Philly high school. If you missed it, click here to read Part 2.

The school bell rang, and the entire student body poured out onto the cracked sidewalks surrounding the school. Outside were parked cars with dark tinted windows, blasting that new Jeezy, Meek and Kendrick Lamar. The sun was steaming from up above. The day was a blessing meant to be enjoyed.

“What up Dink?” I heard Black’s voice and turned around to give him my attention, “What’s up with you dawg?”

“I’m good,” I replied. My heart was thumping. The back of my neck heating up. “What’s up with you?” I took my stance and squared up expecting anything to happen.

“Swoop,” Black swung a wild punch in my direction that I easily avoided, “Swoop,” he swung another one I saw coming from a mile away. I threw a quick right jab that caught him on the tip of his nose. A circle formed around us, and I could see the anger building in his bloodshot eyes. He swung again. I dipped it again and hit him with a swift, hard two piece to the chin that sent him backwards into a stagger.

“Ohh,” the crowd screamed and yelled.

“I slipped,” Black said worrying more about the crowd than me.

“Престанат, stop, ве молиме!” Nila ran into the circle and grabbed Black.

“Come on Dink,” my sister Jazz grabbed my arm and tried to turn me around, “Lets go home.”

“Не, ве молиме!” I heard Nila’s cry and was taken by its horrific sound.

“БУМ! БУМ! БУМ!” My ears drums began to ring with the sound of three gunshots. My heart sped up to a pace it never reached before. I grabbed my twin by the arm and took off to run. Her body felt heavy as it momentarily clutched my hand. Потоа, the only sound I heard was the thump of her body’s weight hitting the street. My emotions disappeared as I stared at death in the eyes of my twin. My heart grew cold. All breath escaped my lungs. My chest sunk into the pit of my stomach. Tears began to fall and I saw nothing but Jazz. I heard nothing except my heart pounding. I prayed to God that my twin was still alive. Her face remained identical to mine. Her brown eyes stared blankly into mine. I felt pain, an indescribable pain and anger I never wanted to feel again. Her soul departed as if it told me goodbye. There was nothing to hope for, and I knew right there under the hot blazing sun that this was the first minute of my life without my sister, my twin, my Jazz. A bigger crowd now gathered around me and my dead sister. What did she do to die? How did I let her get killed? What will I tell mom? Most importantly, what was I to do?

I am a sixteen-year-old kid. I should not have to make these sorts of decisions. Go to school, Размислувајќи. Respect your elders, Размислувајќи. I did all that. I aint no drug dealer. I don’t go around looking for trouble. But who cares about all that now? I aint no chump. I aint no snitch. WHAT AM I TO DO NOW?????

Да се ​​продолжи. Дел 4 coming soon!


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