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  • Владата Име: Emmanuel Ausar Jones
  • Регистрирај се Број: 28486-050
  • Возраст:29
  • Време служев:N / A
  • Роден град:Џерси Сити, NJ
  • Реченица:30 години
  • Тековната задолжен:Убиство, Киднапирањето, РИКО, Att. Убиства, Firearm violations, Att. Murder of a Federal informant while incarcerated
  • Алијас:Killer-E
  • Датум на издавање:2030
  • Затвор Припадност:Крв (Обод)
  • Круг на влијание:Tewhan Батлер, Altariq Gumbs, Kenneth Thompson, Cedric Браун
  • Институција:FCI McKean
  • Getting Bloods to unite in cause for the growth and development of our youth to prevent further incarceration.

My daughter is the reason I breathe

December 31st, New Year’s Eve was my daughter’s birthday. She turned 12 years old and it hurts to miss another year. There’s many fathers who don’t care about their children, but I can assure you she is the reason I breathe.

Being in here doesn’t make me the best role model, so that’s why I choose to do better and continue to fight for justice. Many people don’t understand how dirty the federal government can play. After all the time I have been incarcerated, I am still fighting my cases. No outside organization is extending their hand because I’m a gang member. But the reality of the situation is I’m actually innocent of murder. Let’s not get it confused, I wasn’t an angel, but if someone admits in open court and writes a letter to the judge admitting to the murder you would think the government would realize I’m innocent of that particular crime. But their only concern is getting the leaders of the organization, no matter what.

I will never quit fighting for justice. Giving up is like giving up on my daughter, who wants me home with her. My willpower to return home to my daughter is all I need to keep my faith. While many people celebrate the New Year for whatever reasons, in here, it’s a year closer to going home for those who don’t have a life sentence. Even though I don’t have a life sentence, I still have to worry about new charges.I’ve been locked down for 10 години, and my last indictment was in 2011.

Every New Year im reminded that my daughter is getting older, and I’m missing much of her life because of my choices in life. No matter the New Year, the only concern of mine is her happiness- not even mine. Because when you love someone you just give it, while seeking nothing in return. I can say my daughter loves me unconditionally, no matter the conditions. She simply loves me and shows it. It’s crazy how a child can easily teach us what love is.

Happy New Year!


3 responses to “My daughter is the reason I breathe”

  1. Eric Oliver says:

    Остане силен, and keep the faith!!!

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