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  • Владата Име: Jamel Miller
  • Регистрирај се Број: R19483,,zh-CN,ДОПОЛНИТЕЛНИ батерија w / оружје,,en,суровини и несечени од сите агли, така моите браќа и сестри да се види состојбата со најмал потенцијал да стане проблем и себеси се отстрани од ситуацијата пред проблемот може да дојде до реализација,,en,wtow,,mt,Gage рече,,en,Жал ми е да се слушне за нешто ракот,,en,знам дека живее за мојата жена во моментов,,en,Ако навистина мислиш,,en,тоа беше достоен за тоа,,en,Кои се занимаваат мислам,,en,Дали мислите дека ако сте имале вашата мајка за поддршка што ќе си г ...,,en,Ghostface рече,,en,Некои затвори имаат брачните приколки,,en,Но, тоа е само кога ќе се ожени и тоа е само т ...,,en,Денис h вели,,en,Мојот син исто така се борат конгрес секој правите повици ...,,en,albion8 рече,,en,___123___Black Историја работи,,en,Во живо од Заклучување ___ 123 ___...,,en
  • Возраст:37
  • Време служев:12+ години
  • Роден град:Чикаго, IL
  • Реченица:60 години
  • Тековната задолжен:1ул степен убиство, Aggravated Battery w/ a Firearm
  • Алијас:Buck
  • Датум на издавање:2057
  • Затвор Припадност:Раст и развој
  • Круг на влијание:Падне назад, Labron Neal Bey
  • Институција:Stateville поправниот дом
  • As I got older I realized that I could use my influence to have a positive impact in prison as well as on the streets.

A Man’s Man

I’m so serious most of the time because, затвор, only the fittest and most aggressive survive. A second cannot be wasted. Once seconds are lost, you lose, and losing is for losers! I keep an attitude because I never want to become complacent or okay with being in prison. My disdain for prison is what keeps me focused, planning, plotting, strategizing, and executing to get out of prison ASAP! To some I am extremely cocky and arrogant. But that’s only because I believe in me. My life experiences have made me this way. People listen to me and watch what I do so they’ll know what to do. I don’t mean to sound harsh with my delivery, but I remember vividly what these streets and jail did to me. And yet I’m still standing as a man’s man! You have to love and respect that, word up!

Imagine being stuck in your house with 66 super-tough mothafuckas and 45 of them are against you. За да бидат работите уште полоши, you are number one on everyone’s hit list. Not because you are in the highest position of authority or even a loud individual. Later on I would be told by the chiefs of the Kings and Stones that I stand out because of the way I carry myself and my actions. I was only 22 when these 40-years-old-plus men told me this. I couldn’t completely understand what they were saying because I had been like this since a child. They went on to break down the way I look, walk, talk, and do that shit without hesitation; and how the masses are drawn to me, no matter what they represent! And because of this, I was the one.

I have to go hard! It’s always better to be the victor rather than the victim.


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