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  • Владата Име: Emmanuel Ausar Jones
  • Регистрирај се Број: 28486-050
  • Возраст:29
  • Време служев:N / A
  • Роден град:Џерси Сити, NJ
  • Реченица:30 години
  • Тековната задолжен:Убиство, Киднапирањето, РИКО, Att. Убиства, Firearm violations, Att. Murder of a Federal informant while incarcerated
  • Алијас:Killer-E
  • Датум на издавање:2030
  • Затвор Припадност:Крв (Обод)
  • Круг на влијание:Tewhan Батлер, Altariq Gumbs, Kenneth Thompson, Cedric Браун
  • Институција:FCI McKean
  • Getting Bloods to unite in cause for the growth and development of our youth to prevent further incarceration.


I had a conversation today woth someone about love. They believed they were in love, so I asked them, what is love? From what they told me they didn’t know anything about love, which was sad. Love is the highest emotion in the universe! We cannot confuse love with the lowest of emotions we feel (задоволство, алчноста, passions, итн).

In order for us to understand what love is we have to understand what love is not.

Love is not being attracted to someone or something.

Love is not being aggressively possessive of someone or something.

Love is an action word. It’s not simply telling someone you love them. You have to show them through your actions. If our actions reflect our true self, we will be acting out of love.


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