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  • Владата Име: Emmanuel Ausar Jones
  • Регистрирај се Број: 28486-050
  • Возраст:29
  • Време служев:N / A
  • Роден град:Џерси Сити, NJ
  • Реченица:30 години
  • Тековната задолжен:Убиство, Киднапирањето, РИКО, Att. Убиства, Firearm violations, Att. Murder of a Federal informant while incarcerated
  • Алијас:Killer-E
  • Датум на издавање:2030
  • Затвор Припадност:Крв (Обод)
  • Круг на влијание:Tewhan Батлер, Altariq Gumbs, Kenneth Thompson, Cedric Браун
  • Институција:FCI McKean
  • Getting Bloods to unite in cause for the growth and development of our youth to prevent further incarceration.

Another Federal Prison Transfer Testimonial


Unlike state prisoners, federal prisoners are transferred between prisons in different states. Some transfers are by bus. Many require air transportation. And most transfers require both ground and air transportation. Prisoners can be transferred for many different reasons including disciplinary. If an inmate from the East Coast is involved in a serious incident, he may be shipped to a prison in Bureau of Prison’s western region. The Bureau of Prisons has a policy to not house prisoners more than 500 air miles from their homes. Prisoners have said the BOP regularly operates outside of this policy. Most likely the BOP will say, if it does, it is to ensure institutional security and the safety of prisoners and prison staff. At some point one must question the use of tax dollars to ship prisoners across the country and the compounded financial and emotional impact on prisoners’ families. Here is another popular Live from Lockdown exclusive federal prison transfer testimonial by Tewhan Butler.

I always wondered how my ancestors felt when they where chained-up against their will. It seems like I have gained more than enough insight on the matter from my experience in prison. Let me say, as federal prisoners, we are already enslaved. What the feds do is slave trade to the first degree. They send you to different prisons across the country so everyone can share in the economic benefits of housing you.

On my latest prison transfer, these people woke me up out my sleep 3:00am and told me to get ready to leave Pennsylvania [FCI McKean]. I began to get ready, and being the fly brother I am, I still had to look fresh. That will never change, no matter where or what position I am in. Како и да е, they sat me and a couple of other prisoners in the bullpen, a 4×4 holding cell, to wait for a transport bus to come and deliver us to our next destination. Во меѓувреме, they disrespectfully searched us, looking for knives, drugs and other contraband.

Околу 5:00 that morning, I was chained-up and put on the bus. The bus took us from FCI McKean in Bradford, Пенсилванија, to another prison in Waymart, Pennsylvania called Canaan. I stayed there for a couple of days, then I was taken to the airport. The way I get chained-up is not regular. I do not get the simple handcuffs and comfortable walk. I get a black box put on my cuffs and the cuffs then get tightly attached to my waist so I can’t harm anyone or escape. Исто така,, my ankles are shackled together. The shackles are so tight around my ankles that when I walk the metal cuts my skin. I remained like this until I got to the next prison that, even if only for a couple of days, makes money off of me. As a federal prisoner I can be sent anywhere in the country, and I will never know exactly where I am going until I get there. The federal system does a wonderful job of creating more distance among families. Повторно, I think back on the slave trade and how it broke up families. Unlike a slave, once I reach my destination I will have the opportunity to see and contact my daughter and other family. It will just come at a greater financial expense. Phone calls and their travel expenses will cost more. Уште, I will not let it stop me from doing all I can to see my daughter or call her and the family when I can.

Aerial of FTC Oklahoma shows the tarmac where planes land and the gates used to unload prisoners directly into the facility.

Aerial of FTC Oklahoma shows the tarmac where planes land and the gates used to unload prisoners directly into the facility.

Once we reached the airport, the feds herded its shackled property and loaded us on airplanes. If the plane was to break down in midair, the staff could at least make an attempt to follow typical emergency procedures to secure their safety. All we as prisoners could do is sit back and die. I guess that’s justice, нели? Once we landed, I learned that I was in Oklahoma at Federal Transfer Center Oklahoma (FTC Oklahoma). I was chained-up from 5:00 a.m. until around 6:00 p.m. that evening. I was at FTC Oklahoma for a couple days and it was back through the same process on my way out. I was then taken by plane to United States Penitentiary Atlanta that is also used as a transfer center. I stayed at USP Atlanta for about five weeks. I damn near starved in there. They didn’t feed us shit. It’s sad because mostly black people worked there and they fed us worse than the white people did there and at other facilities. That black unity shit went out the window quick. I almost caught a street charge on police just because I was hungry. You do your best to change and be humble, but it seems like the only thing a person respects in prison is violence. It’s already hard to maintain your composure because so much pisses you off. Needless to say after the incident they didn’t feed any different. I just was slid an extra food-tray during serving so I wouldn’t be a disturbance. I gave the extra food-tray back because it’s not about me. It’s about us as prisoners. If others are hungry, then we all will be hungry together until we all get our shared amount. I might have been the only one who was thinking like that, but I only can be real to self. And for me, being real to self is not being selfish.

My time at USP Atlanta came to an end and it was back to the same process again. I landed here at FCI Bennettsville in South Carolina. Ah man, where do I start? But it’s only the beginning. You always hope the next spot will be better than the last. Getting up before doors open, prepared for the worst, is never going to be normal. But who’s to say what is normal?

I hope all goes well with your plans out there because you don’t want to go through this shit, за вистински.

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One response to “Another Federal Prison Transfer Testimonial”

  1. Brittany says:

    Се чувствувам толку лошо за она што сите одат преку својот срам што светот дојде до. There are so many other bad people that should be locked up, including child molestors etc but the governments main focus is to get rid of our black men. Incarcerate them, treat them inhumanely and expect them to rehabilitate when released. I just want to cry right now! My daughters father is serving 10+ and is getting ready to be transferred out of state. I feel so bad for what he is about to experience because it is only the beginning of the torture and suffering.

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