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Jobs for Felons Hub

Jobs for Felons is a website is dedicated to helping those who have gone through the criminal justice system and are looking for successful reentry into society. This is more than just a website, it's a community of people helping each other that was created by those who want to help get felons back to work and live normal lives. Jobs for Felons Hub

Law and Rights- Citizens Advice (UK)

A guide for members of British society to inform them about their legal and civil rights and how they should be treated by police and the prison system. View.

Legal Glossary (UK)

The non-lawyers guide to legal terms produced by Pinnington Law (UK) View.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU): A list of national and state-based organizations that assist prisoners and their families in various capacities. Click here for additional information on prisoners' rights.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a global movement of people fighting injustice and promoting human rights… Prisoners and people at risk are those whose human rights have been violated or are under threat of violation.

Bar None

Bar None is a volunteer run, grassroots organization located in Humboldt County, California, which stands in solidarity with incarcerated people and their allies with the belief that prison abolition is a necessary part of building a future that is just, equitable and empowering for everyone. Our Prisoner Resource List links to organizations which provide services to prisoners at free or reduced rates.

Books to Prisoners (BTP)

Books To Prisoners (BTP) is a Seattle-based, all-volunteer, nonprofit organization that sends books to prisoners in the United States. BTP believes that books are tools for learning and opening minds to new ideas and possibilities. By sending books to prisoners, we hope to foster a love of reading and encourage the pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement.


AskAConvict.com allows anyone to anonymously ask real convicts questions about their life or get advice about yours. Just click on a convict to get started. You can also check out our Free prison Pen Pal page to find a pen pal of your own!

Assisting Families of Inmates

Assisting Families of Inmates’ mission is to prevent the breakdown of relationships among inmates and their families by providing regular, meaningful visitation, support, referral and education services. Our services help families and loved ones throughout the period of incarceration and also prepare families for a successful transition when the inmate is released from prison back into our community. Assisting Families of Inmates is one of only a handful of such programs to provide these services in Virginia and across the United States.

Books Through Bars

Books Through Bars was established to address the paucity of educational resources and programming made available to prisoners hoping to use the time of their imprisonment to effect positive change in their lives.

Calls from Home

Calls from Home is a project of Thousand Kites: Join our special radio program that brings the voices of families across the nation to the airwaves as they send greetings directly to their incarcerated loved ones.

The Center for Law and Justice

The Center for Law and Justice envisions a peaceful, just, and compassionate community that provides each resident with equal access to the goods, services and opportunities of that community. It also seeks the fair and just treatment of all people throughout the civil and criminal justice systems, and works to reduce reliance upon incarceration. This directory offers community residents, specifically those convicted of a crime and those returning from jail or prison, a variety of legal information and a listing of public and private resources and legal services that are available in the Capital District of New York and are free of charge or offered at a reduced cost.


Criminon is an international non-profit public benefit corporation dedicated to addressing the causes of criminality and restoring the criminal’s self-respect through effective drug detoxification, education and common sense programs. By making them responsible for their actions, people under the Criminal Justice system can become ethical and productive citizens.

Critical Resistance

Critical Resistance seeks to build an international movement to end the Prison Industrial Complex by challenging the belief that caging and controlling people makes us safe. We believe that basic necessities such as food, shelter, and freedom are what really make our communities secure. As such, our work is part of global struggles against inequality and powerlessness. Click here to view Critical Resistance's Resources page.

Families and Friends of Prisoners- Emergency Response Network

Families and Friends of Prisoners - Emergency Response Network (FFP-ERN): Our mission is to provide immediate help and comfort to loved ones and friends, as well as to hapless prisoners, who find themselves in that situation. Click here for a list of advocacy resources.

Family and Corrections Network (FCN)

Family and Corrections Network (FCN) provides ways for those concerned with families of the incarcerated to share information and experiences in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Since 1983, we have done this through publishing, sponsoring conferences, liaisons with other agencies, and by providing consultations to organizations and agencies around the US and Canada.

Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM)

Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization fighting for fair and proportionate sentencing laws that allow judicial discretion while maintaining public safety.


FindLaw provides legal information, lawyer profiles and a community to help you make the best legal decisions… Even the most chronic or hardened inmates have basic rights that are protected by the U.S. Constitution. If you or a loved one are facing incarceration, click here for information on your rights.

Hinda Institute

The Hinda Institute helps We help families that have a loved one facing incarceration. Help includes pre-incarceration with the ability to speak to other who have been through this ordeal. During the incarceration with monthly visits from one of our Chaplains. In addition to support for the family Post incarceration services include help with the re-entry process, with help in finding housing, jobs ,and drug rehab treatment Binyomin Scheiman Director Hinda Institute chabad@chabadandfree.com 9401 N. Margail Des Plaines,IL 60016 847-334-1770 web site jpafil.org Twitter: @BinyominS d Facebook: Binyomin Scheiman

The Human Rights Coalition

The Human Rights Coalition is a group of predominately prisoners' families, ex-prisoners and some supporters. Our ultimate goal is to abolish prisons.

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch is one of the world’s leading independent organizations dedicated to defending and protecting human rights. By focusing international attention where human rights are violated, we give voice to the oppressed and hold oppressors accountable for their crimes. Learn more about prison and detention conditions here.

Humanity for Prisoners (formerly INNOCENT!)

HUMANITY FOR PRISONERS (formerly INNOCENT!) is a Christian-based non-profit organization, refers prison inmates and their families to a national network of Innocence organizations following receipt and review of claims of wrongful conviction. Utilizing expertise in the media and in community organization, INNOCENT increases public awareness of legitimate claims of innocence and problems associated with wrongful convictions. Click here for a list of helpful links.

The Innocence Project

The Innocence Project is a national litigation and public policy organization dedicated to exonerating wrongly convicted individuals through DNA testing and reforming the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice.


Jericho is a movement with the defined goal of gaining recognition of the fact that political prisoners and prisoners of war exist inside of the United States, despite the United States’ government’s continued denial ... and winning amnesty and freedom for these political prisoners.

Jewish Prisoner Services International

Jewish Prisoner Services International functions as an outreach program of Congregation Shaarei Teshuvah. Its purpose is to provide spiritual and advocacy services for Jewish prisoners, and assistance to their families, releasees, probationers, etc.

Jobs for Felons

Jobs For Felons: Felony job resources by location.

Just Detention

Just Detention International is a health and human rights organization that seeks to end sexual abuse in all forms of detention.


Justice:Denied magazine publicizes cases of wrongful conviction, and exposes how and why they occur. Justice:Denied is produced by volunteer writers, editors and other persons located throughout the United States and other countries. Click here for a list of helpful links.

The Legal Aid Society

The Legal Aid Society is a private, not-for-profit legal services organization, the oldest and largest in the nation, dedicated since 1876 to providing quality legal representation to low-income New Yorkers. It is dedicated to one simple but powerful belief: that no New Yorker should be denied access to justice because of poverty.

Legal Services for Prisoners with Children

Legal Services for Prisoners with Children (LSPC) organizes communities impacted by the criminal justice system and advocates to release incarcerated people, to restore human and civil rights and to reunify families and communities. We build public awareness of structural racism in policing, the courts and prison system and we advance racial and gender justice in all our work. Our strategies include legal support, training, advocacy, public education, grassroots mobilization and developing community partnerships. View our projects here.

The National Association for Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. is America's premier legal organization fighting for racial justice. Through litigation, advocacy, and public education, LDF seeks structural changes to expand democracy, eliminate disparities, and achieve racial justice in a society that fulfills the promise of equality for all Americans. LDF also defends the gains and protections won over the past 70 years of civil rights struggle and works to improve the quality and diversity of judicial and executive appointments. Click here for a program search.

The November Coalition

The November Coalition is a non-profit organization of grassroots volunteers educating the public about the destructive increase in prison population in the United States due to our current drug laws. We alert our fellow citizens, particularly those who are complacent or naive, about the present and impending dangers of an overly powerful federal authority acting far beyond its constitutional constraints.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) represents the world's commitment to universal ideals of human dignity. We have a unique mandate from the international community to promote and protect all human rights.

The Pace Online Catalog

The Pace Online Catalog has records of materials held by all Pace University Libraries (Law, Birnbaum, Mortola, and Graduate Center), including records for books, law reviews and journals (NOT articles therein), government documents, CDs and videotapes, databases, materials professors place on reserve, and more. View Prisoners' Rights Law Resources here.

Penal Reform International

Penal Reform International is an international non-governmental organisation working on penal and criminal justice reform worldwide.

Prison Links

Prison Links is a directory of resources by category, including inmate educational programs, inmate locators, inmate family resources, capital punishment, offender resources, national organizations, international organizations and more...

Prison Policy initiative

Prison Policy Initiative is most famous for our work documenting how mass incarceration skews our democracy. View our resources and research.

Prison Radio

Prison Radio is an independent multi media production studio. We produce content and we seek to distribute these essays and productions throughout the world. We have been very successful over twenty years producing content for radio, television, and films. In case you are curious, what we are not is a radio station. We work with radio stations and place our content on this and other broadcast venues.

PrisonTalk Online

The PrisonTalk Online web community was conceived in a prison cell, designed in a halfway house, and funded by donations from families of ex-offenders, to bring those with an interest in the prisoner support community a forum in which their issues and concerns may be addressed by others in similar circumstances and beliefs.


PrisonerLife.com: With over 2,728,132 unique visitors and 22,662,888 page views per year, PrisonerLife.com IS the gateway for all United States prisoners, ex-offenders, and those going to prison to communicate with Internet users and expand their networks of support. . . and it offers their families and friends, as well as the general public, an opportunity to learn about the American prison system and the two million people it holds.

Prisoner Visitation and Support

Prisoner Visitation and Support (PVS) is a volunteer visitation program to Federal and Military prisoners throughout the United States. Our priority is to visit those prisoners who do not ordinarily receive visits from family and friends, want or need visits, are in solitary confinement, on death row or are serving long sentences.


PrisonSucks.com provides research on the crime control industry, including criminal justice issues.

Thousand Kites

Thousand Kites is a community-based performance, web, video and radio project centered on the United States prison system.

United Nations

The United Nations is an international organization founded in 1945 after the Second World War by 51 countries committed to maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations and promoting social progress, better living standards and human rights. Click here for information on human rights.


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About Lisa Dawson

I am a student, aspiring human rights activist and former prisoner. I attended Skidmore College in upstate NY, which, due to my 2011 затворање, has become a source of teasing by my friends: “Dawson: from Skidmore to Skidrow.” Currently, aside from staying clean and out of trouble (and actively avoiding pesky contact with law enforcement), I am putting my energy into advocating for incarcerated people. I am Social Media Manager at Solitary Watch and also volunteer for a prison ministry that provides family and friends of the incarcerated with transportation to prisons throughout Indiana. Connect with me on Twitter @endsolitary.

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