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  • There is no honor in coming to prison. It does NOT make you a man.

Не верувајте на возбуда: All Law is Theory

justice-money-law-prison-mass-incarcerationThey say the opposite of truth is a person’s own perception. I find that to be very true in life. На пример, when I was in United States Penitentiary (USP) LEWISBURG, a corrections officer told me racial profiling was a lie, a myth used by young black men to shift the blame to police. I learned from that interaction that a lie is not the opposite of truth. Сепак, some lies are truth (Види FBI Task Force on Racial Profiling).

When I first came to prison I learned the majority of prisoners have mental health issues. I don’t mean nut-house issues, but dudes are a little off. When I researched this issue I learned from a World Health Organization report that 68% of our population suffers from mental “hygiene” issues. This worsens when one is incarcerated or hospitalized; also when one is in debt or has a family or personal crisis.

As I am writing this, I am on lockdown. Зошто? Someone stabbed the Warden and two staff members here at United States Penitentiary Canaan. Because of this, this person will probably do the rest of his life in prison. Any rationale mind would say nothing is so serious to spend the rest of your life in prison. But to some that’s a lie.


Let me give you the game. There is a policy called The Flood Gates Policy. What it does is PROHIBITS the mass release of prisoners. Now the Constitution trumps all statutes, procedures, policies, and rules. But The Flood Gates Policy seems to dictate the judiciary’s and Congress’s recognition of the Constitution. На пример, Congress and judges believed 50 grams of crack should be punished as if it were 5 kilograms of cocaine. it was called the 100:1 ratio. No one wanted to fix this at first. Even when scientists proved crack and cocaine were scientifically the same. Recently they have changed it because they believe it offends the Constitution. So they passed The Fair Sentencing Act and made the ratio 18:1. Сега 285 grams of crack equals 5 kilograms of cocaine. And they call this fair? 1:1 seems to me the ration that would be constitutionally permissible. Anything other than that would be a lie. Ох, and unconstitutional. And that’s the truth with Congress.

Someone once told meyou get law in federal court.” That’s a lie. The gist of a federal trial is to leave the jury with the thought who you gonna believe us the United States government or him? At a trial, as I teach in my book The Art of Winning Litigation, truth does not matter. What matters is your theory versus the Prosecutor’s theory. What cop or agent would testify against the Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA)? How about a witness who is looking to please the AUSA so the AUSA can put a motion in to reduce their time? None, право?

Judges all across our federal courts have complained about prosecutorial misconduct. Withholding favorable evidence is one thing a judge in the 9th Circuit called an epidemic See Chief Judge Alex Kozinski САД против. Olsen, 737 f.3d 625 на 626 (9та околност. 2013). Most recently a Department of Justice report showed that most State firearms and toolmark experts cannot identify differences in ballistic markings and materials. Дури и полошо, the FBI has admitted to flawed forensics when it comes to hair samples. This includes medical experts and DNA samples, which have a 16% chance of being misleading or incorrect. All of these things are testified to be absolutes. That’s a lie.

The prosecution represents their theory as truth. That’s a lie. In federal trials witnesses bought by the government routinely stateI must tell the truthto get a reduced sentence. The Supreme Court holds it’s not vouching for a witness’s veracity by asking them the question. That’s clearly a lie. it can’t be the truth as the government’s case is not based on truth. It’s based on theory. All law is based on theory. That’s the truth.

What’s being done to stop all of these lies in our justice system? Ништо! Truth is no new law you see will do anything to stop this. Всушност, USA Today did an article on prisoners who were actually innocent of their gun crimes. The Department of Justice acknowledged that was the truth and still fought against them when they applied for relief. In most cases the Department of Justice won! Their rationale, their perception was, well they might have been innocent of this but “знаеме” they are guilty of much and more. Is that the truth?

Не верувајте на возбуда. The pieces, players and rules may change but never the game.

This is Live from Lockdown!

Eric Van Buren

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