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Почитуван г-дин. Претседател: Научив мојот лекција

This is an un-edited letter as part of our #DearMrPresident series of letters to President Barack Obama from inmates in B.O.P (Бирото за затворите) facilities.

Почитуван г-дин. Претседател,

As the leader of this great nation, I understand that you have the power to do pretty much whatever it is that you want to do. As a matter of fact, I hear you will be granting the most pardons ever in presidential history. Со тоа, вели, I would like to respectively ask if I may be amongst the many that you will be graciously granting a pardon to. Although I am innocent of the crime that I was convicted at trial for, during my incarceration I have nonetheless learned a valuable lesson. Had I not come to prison, I would not have had the opportunity to sit down and gain the knowledge, education and consciousness that I now possess. So in spite of being locked up for something that I didn’t do, I can honestly say that “Научив мојот лекција,” and as a result I have a much better outlook as far as family, freedom and authority. Така, if you can find it in your heart to be so kind as to add my name to your pardon list, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed within your decision to do so.

Thank you in advance, and as a great leader and family man yourself, I would only hope that you empathize with me and grant me a chance to be with my family and loved ones once more as a great leader as well.


N. Harper

Author Info: N. Harper is an inmate at USP Atwater (Калифорнија). Датум на издавање: 2080


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