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  • Владата Име: Бенјамин Вилијамс
  • Регистрирај се Број: R32989
  • Возраст:27
  • Време служев:10 години +
  • Роден град:Чикаго, IL
  • Реченица:41 години
  • Тековната задолжен:Убиство, Грабеж, Agg. Ослободување на огнено оружје
  • Алијас:Ben Ben
  • Датум на издавање:2045
  • Затвор Припадност:Раст и развој
  • Круг на влијание:Падне назад, Labron Neal Bey
  • Институција:Stateville поправниот дом
  • My goal is to inspire and promote change.

Ben Williams

My name is Benjamin Williams aka Ben Ben, born and raised in Chicago (Wild 100s – Racine Courts). I grew up a wild boy, in all the nonsense that contributes to the destruction of our communities. Aint nothing in the hood that I didn’t do. Everything you could think of I took part in; so when I speak, I speak from a place of truth and understanding. I have done a lot that I aint proud of, but I’ve learned to not live in regret. All my experiences have shaped the man I am today.

I’m currently incarcerated at Stateville Correctional Center in Joliet, Illinois, serving a forty-one year sentence for murder, грабеж, and aggravated discharge of a firearm. My out-date is December 11, 2045. In the streets I was affiliated with Growth and Development (GD). This is my second bid. My first one, I did three and a half years on a drug charge, and I’m six years and nine months in on this one.

I’m twenty-seven-years-old and most of my life I caused mayhem and hurt on others and myself. Now my goal is to inspire and promote change through my body of work: poems, songs, and essays. Look forward to hearing from me. I have a lot to say.

Мир, Сакам, & Почитување,

Ben Ben


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