asdas Јуни 2016 - Во живо од Заклучување

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    Real Men Still Exist

    I have asked myself a few times during my incarceration: why am I so strong; why am I not weak like so many of these other dudes; why don’t I have to pretend to be a stand-up dude; why I effortlessly remain real; why do I continue to stick to the script and maintain strong principles, values and beliefs no matter the weather or the situation when no one else does? По многу размислување заклучив дека јас сум на начинот на кој сум јас и истрајале бидејќи успехот не може да се мери со ...Повеќе


    Г-дин. White Privilege and the Black Masquerade

    As we begin our long walk to freedom we must expose those who could obstruct our journey by operating as agent provocateurs for our nemesis Mr. White Privilege. As all blacks will attest, being black is not just a skin complexion that warrants unquestioned love and loyalty. An example of this is Michelle Obama. No matter what we think of her husband’s inaction on certain issues, we all in our community admire her as a REAL black woman. We know she loves her people and is still of her...Повеќе


    Doing LIFE in Prison: What Will be My Legacy?

    I wake each morning to the profound reality of doing LIFE in prison. Сега, having served over 34 years of my life in prison, guilty or innocent, this is not what I or any man was created for. But here I am in a box, caged like an animal, and often, as the tours come through, I am looked upon as such. Да, a man, human no less, but looked at as other than and treated inhumanely; the wretch of the earth. Јас имам еден пријател кој напиша книга насловена како скапа американски Омразата. His name is Joseph Dole. Во ...Повеќе


    Everyday Magic

    Within every thought, word and deed lies power. Power that often goes unacknowledged. Our thoughts are seeds that go bloom in the form of magnificent buildings, life-changing inventions, inspiring poems, and enlightening books. Words emerge from the comfort of our lips aiming for the cushion of the ear. From there they spark the mind into action like a car’s engine. Our deeds are the most obvious semblance of power. One act sparks a revolution that changes the world. Исто така,, one act can...Повеќе


    To the Fathers In and Out of Jail

    Прво и основно, I want to send my love to everybody out there dealing with the madness that never seems to let up. Сега, I want to salute the fathers in and out of jail who are holding down their position, even in adversity. We have to make sure we do our part. This is for the fathers who are doing that and more. I want y’all to know y’all inspire me to do better and keep pushing and doing what I’m supposed to do. In prison you here guys say f*** Father’s Day, and it...Повеќе


    Father’s Day Thoughts from Prison

    Why is it that so many African-American fathers in this country are being so viciously spited by their own women and children? One of the reasons for this spite is a simple one. In ALL races around the world, the man is the ultimate protector of his woman and children. But in this country many African-American men have literally said, to hell with doing what’s naturally right. Many children have been left fatherless- to protect, raise, and guide themselves. WE have selfishly given up...Повеќе


    Look at Me

    When you look at me — I’m more than the flesh you see. You see a person, but that’s not me. I’m what your eyes can’t see. I’m the spirit that occupies me. I’m more than me. I want you to get to know who I really am, outside of what your eyes may see. Ова тело е нешто што јас го користам да се движите оваа постоење затоа што постоеле пред телото избравме да се населуваат. Ние падне на кратко кога се дружиме кои сме ние на телото се живее во темнина, ние отидете на ...Повеќе



    систематски annihilations, шеми, кои се лишени од љубовта, измамен разузнавање, Забуни масовно одлевање крв- На невините, иако тие мислат дека си виновен, Расипани од страна на злото, учи од страна на оние кои се духовно нечисти- лажговци, Измамници и неверниците извршување на измама, Тие копнеат да се направи злобни со помалку дисциплина од куче- Кој е овој ѕвер зборуваше за во Откровенија? создава проблеми, производство демонски ситуации- Тоа е човек, не плашила, with a diabolical...Повеќе


    Letter to the Bloods and Crips: Stop the Madness

    When I first started to write this post I told my brother Maal that it was going to be a banger, and I need time to get it right. I wanted my head to be in the right place. Before you read, know and understand that I’m addressing the Bloods and Crips of every state across the United States. I’m not just speaking on Jersey. I want to see change everywhere because we are losing this battle. Aren’t all of y’all tired of having your loved ones found dead in those streets?...Повеќе


    R.I.P. Mom

    R.I.P. Yvonne Austin. My beloved mother has left me. Hearing those dreadful words is the reality of a prisoner. I hurt so much right now. My heart has never been this heavy. It is the most vulnerable time of my whole life. I was in lockup preparing for a big visit with my mom and the chance to look her in the face and tell her how much I love her and that I forgive her for falling victim to the struggle of drug addiction. I was a dumb lil bastard who couldn’t understand things when they...Повеќе

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