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  • Government Name: Roderick Sutton
  • Register Number: 60128-066
  • Age:33
  • Time Served:8 yrs.
  • Home Town:Easton, PA
  • Sentence:17 yrs.
  • Current Charge:Armed Bank Robbery; Firearm; Possession 5 grams or more of cocaine; Aiding & Abetting
  • Alias:Roach
  • Release Date:2019
  • Prison Affiliation:None
  • Circle of Influence:
  • Institution:Allenwood
  • Here is where everyone loses and what everyone does, time! Time takes, but time teaches.

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

Mirror /n/ 1: A polished or smooth surface that forms images by reflection 2: To reflect in or as if in a mirror 3: A true representation 4: Resemble 5: Mimic

Not long ago I took a long look in the mirror and what I stared at I did not like. What I did not like was who and what I had become, and what I sacrificed, and what I lost in the process. Instead of manning up and changing what I saw in the mirror, I simply turned my back to the mirror so I would not have to see that reflection. What I did not realize at first was I could still see that reflection clearly even though I was not facing the mirror anymore.

I figured that the only way to change that reflection was to change the way I thought, the way I acted, and my entire image. This was a very difficult task, and still is to this day. I decided to face the mirror again. This time as I stared at myself in the mirror it felt like I wasn’t just looking at myself and what I had become. In the process of change I had to shatter the mirror to rid myself of the image that reflected back to me. As I stared through the empty space where the mirror once stood, I noticed a silhouette standing directly behind it. As I looked closer the features of the silhouettes became eerily familiar. They were almost identical to mine. Then I realized who it was . . . My daughter Sadesia!

What I did not realize until just recently was that she had been standing behind the mirror and had begun to emulate what I saw as my old reflection. But in truth she did not see my reflection. She saw reality, because a two-way mirror provides a view of reality from both sides.

Those with children who chose the street lifestyle should take heed. Everything your children will ever be, THEY are now becoming. YOU are raising adults, not children. YOU are writing on the blank slate of your children’s future. So much of who and what THEY will become is a function of what THEY learn, and so much of that is what THEY learn from YOU as THEY stand behind that two-way mirror!

Mirror, mirror on the wall!


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