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  • Government Name: Michael Key
  • Register Number: K-54135
  • Age:37
  • Time Served:15+ years
  • Home Town:Chicago, IL
  • Sentence:LIFE
  • Current Charge:Murder, Attempted Murder, Armed Robbery, Home Invasion
  • Alias:Mike G
  • Release Date:N/A
  • Prison Affiliation:Gangster Disciple
  • Circle of Influence:Kenneth Key
  • Institution:Stateville Correctional Center
  • If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.

Love Eternal


May God bless you to the depths of your heart’s desire and give you joy, peace and contentment throughout your day. I greet you in peace and love eternal.

I want you to understand me and my position as I understand you and yours. It’s important that you know that I will never take you for granted or mistreat you. Your trust is not misplaced in me. I’m not that kind of guy. I believe deeply in a relationship where the journey leads to the establishment of an honest, sincere and loyal union. With communication we can develop a relationship that will unite us in heart, mind and soul. I want you to feel comfortable and open to tell me things about you as I share my story with you. For us to see and learn each other’s pathways as well as the true feelings of one another, showed through our true intentions.

I want to be a part of your existence as well as one of the focuses that stir tender emotions. Let me prove myself worthy of your unconditional companionship and deeply meaningful concern. I will be attentive regardless of my current situation. I want to see you achieve your goal of happiness. I understand your fears, but I also know we want the same thing. Are you going to allow fear to dictate or work against what your heart is screaming to you it wants? Sometimes in life the very things that are best or right for us, fear makes us to turn a blind eye and miss out on a great thing or person.

I see you as a down to earth, beautiful and intelligent woman, so I know you understand the meaning of what I’m saying. To accept less of what you deserve is to limit how far you and I can go and what we can grow into. I think that with patience, understanding, cooperation, care, trust, and honesty, along with time, we can grow to be the best thing for one another.

Tell me you don’t recognize the potential in what we can be. I know you do. Stop fighting what everything in you tells you you want. I’m not going to keep you. I just have one more question. Do I ever cross your mind?

My day begins and ends with thoughts of you.

The first step is what counts: First beginnings are hardest to make and as small and inconspicuous as they are potent in influence, once they are made, it’s easy to add to the rest . . . -Aristotle

The only fear you need have s the fer of not standing by the thing you believe to be right. Take your stand and hold it, then come what will . . . -Susan B. Anthony


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