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  • Government Name: Labron Neal Bey
  • Register Number: B80805
  • Age:32
  • Time Served:Time served
  • Home Town:Chicago, IL
  • Sentence:LIFE
  • Current Charge:Murder
  • Alias:N/A
  • Release Date:LIFE
  • Prison Affiliation:Gangster Disciple
  • Circle of Influence:Benjamin Williams, Fall Back, Jamel Miller, Mark Dixon, Moorish Science Temple of America
  • Institution:Stateville Correctional Center
  • I truly believe we can help elevate the consciousness of our youth in a way that will change the game.

Logic: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


To use logic is to use a rational sense of thinking; it is to have a sound basis. To use reason is to form conclusions in fairness, to weigh and balance all relevant circumstances and perspectives. Logic and reason help clarify perception. “All logic is reason, but not all reason conforms to the standards of logic.”

Let’s look at Minister Malcolm X Shabazz as an example.

The Good: Malcolm was a genuine man and mind. Malcolm’s work explains the sincerity and quality of his spirit. His intent was to uplift the people so that they could become independent and self sufficient. He dedicated his time and energy to this service and has set the stage for all who are willing to pick up where he left off. He still teaches from his grave, as his words are recorded for us to learn from and adhere to. He sacrificed himself for the benefit of the future. He didn’t resort to any animal antics to accomplish any of his accomplishments; instead he relied on intellect, logic, and reason.

The Bad: Many who were around Malcolm but not of his caliber became jealous and lost in the cause. It caused all kinds of confusion and put false tarnish on Malcolm’s character and his intent. Division resulted from all of this. Arguing, bickering, and conflict occurred behind Malcolm’s back. This led many of his own people to view him as a traitor. Malcolm was not truly honored by those who were supposed to be the closest to him. He was assassinated in all of this confusion by agents upholding worldly intelligence who posed as brother’s of the cause.

The Ugly: Malcolm grew up in bad conditions. His family was broken up and he was bounced around from home to home, and led to believe by his school teachers that he couldn’t be anything. Subsequently, he ventured into the streets and experienced all kinds of hell.  Ultimately, Malcolm landed in prison. All of this was a product of worldly intelligence. Malcolm thought that he was doing what he had to do in order to take care of himself based on circumstance. He was underdeveloped into self hatred and carelessness.

We looked to the past and used Minister Malcolm X Shabazz as an example because there’s good, bad, and ugly. One would think that given Malcolm’s childhood that he would never evolve into the person he became. What can we learn from this? How can we make any lessons relevant? How do we take what we learn from the past and apply it to the present moment, and apply it toward future development? We learned that Malcolm X Shabazz experienced a lot of struggles from as early as four- to five-years-old. Nothing came easy. He was underdeveloped by the world and its oppressors into niggativity and criminality. From there he hit rock bottom. Thing is, he had to lose himself in order to find himself. He found himself and rose above all odds. From there, new challenges arose. He didn’t want his people to go through what he went through. He fought to see to it that we did not. Many despised him for that. Malcolm was crucified for wanting to open our eyes to the light. It is your choice to embrace the light or remain in darkness. You too can evolve and become someone great.

This brief reflection on the life of Malcolm X is an example of how to look back on the past with logic and reason. We can make this relevant in the present by comparing our circumstances to Malcolm’s. When we do, we’ll find that it was hard for Malcolm, like it’s hard for us. He came from circumstances that were not good and that our circumstances are similar to his misfortunes. When we look at our neighborhoods, our schools, the lapses in communication in homes and in schools, and society’s carelessness for children, and the division and jealousy among us, then we’ll see that, looking back to the past with logic and with reason can benefit us, if we learn from the past and find ways to apply it to the present.

Malcolm never gave up. He stayed strong, and rose above all odds. This means that today we must be strong, and begin to identify the problems as they exist with us and around us, and work extremely hard on the solutions, and rising against all odds.

Analyzing the past with logic and reason will help build the blueprint for our future. Do you see how this works?



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