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  • Government Name: Tewhan Butler
  • Register Number: 26852-050
  • Age:34
  • Time Served:11 years
  • Home Town:East Orange, NJ
  • Sentence:30 yrs.
  • Current Charge:RICO
  • Alias:Massacre
  • Release Date:2029
  • Prison Affiliation:Blood (Double ii/QSBG)
  • Circle of Influence:Altariq Gumbs, Emmanuel Jones, Lester Alford, Marco Miguel Robertson, Pele Brown, David Drone, Jermaine Ray, Marcus Martin, Michael Simpson, Omar Austin, Quaheem Edwards, Torvos Simpson, Vincent Gamboa
  • Institution:USP McCreary
  • Here, my life behind bars offers understanding for those of you who venture into ‘the life’ with no understanding of its consequences: the adversity, the obstacles and the journey one must travel alone when the gavel is slammed, your cell is locked and the lights go out.

Life is not an act

If life was an act and came with no do-overs, nothing would be what it is. Our perfect perception of paradise would be but an empty frame. Our wrongs would easily be of little significance. Everyday would play out another scene we regret; questioning why no one yelled, “Cut!” and allowed us the opportunity to put on our best face. All made up for the world to see, the person we are not. Appealing to the Grammy family as an exercise to be everything and everyone other than your self. But, then, where would truth live?

Orange is the New Black, forty is the new twenty and deceit has been given credibility. Nothing is as it seems. The painful part of life and art’s imitation is away from the stage. On the side of the cameras the experience is real. The people are less forgiving. The best actors and actresses do not receive standing ovations.

The most rewarding achievement is to be had by one who doesn’t find a way but makes a way. There was no miscue in your personal production. The direction you were made to travel deliberately comes with twists and turns, yet you remain the Director.

At the first show of trouble don’t be so ready to sell the rights of your soul. Surgically disfiguring perfection. Life is meant to be beautifully flawed. Imitation can be flattering but also destructive. Be extremely careful of the “act” you’re putting on. Immune to stage fright, yet susceptible to the penetrating effects of real life experience.

I can see you slipping, falling into your very own abandonment of self. I can see you questioning why no one is yelling, “Cut!”

This is reality my dear friend.

Life is not an act!



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