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    아프리카 히브리어 이스라엘 감옥에 구속 투쟁

    젊은 형제는 감옥을 입력하고 종교와 다양한 영적인 경로에 대한 호기심이 될. 30 형제 Stateville 교정 센터 체육관에서 위층 충족 (졸리 엣, 일리노이) to gain understanding about Hebrew Israelites and the Hebraic way of life. Once a month we have a question and answer in the spirit of universal brotherhood and righteousness. 목표는 구속을 찾아 그들이 할 수있는 실제적인 일을 모두 제공하는 것입니다, as well as historical information on our identity and...자세히보기



    The following is a guest post written by Roosevelt Wilder while at Stateville Correctional Center (졸리 엣, 일리노이). Wilder has since been transferred to Danville Correctional Center (댄빌, Illionis) where he is serving a 60-year sentence for murder. He has been incarcerated since 1995. Fruit of the loom Saggin’ from the ass of the fruit of the womb. Ashy backs and ass cracks Sadly, howling at the moon, Doomed . . . before they could learn to eat with a spoon Consumed . . . by the...자세히보기


    교도소의 열악한 현실

    Kevin King, known as KK, has just been convicted of Armed Robbery and sentenced to 65 감옥에서 년. KK is 24 years-old. He must serve 85% of his 65-year sentence, which will make him about 70 when he is released from prison. KK is an only child, no nieces, 조카, cousins, 삼촌, or aunts. His mother is on crack and the streets raised him. Once KK hits the jail most of the streets abandoned him. His homies disappeared. His girlfriend left. He could no longer provide the funds and good...자세히보기


    Hood PTSD is Real

    I know a secret that most men and women in prison and in urban America suffer from. Our secret is is Hood Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Hood PTSD). Hood PTSD is an understanding and recognition that men, women and children raised in war-torn ghettos across the United States of America face the same harms, anxieties and mental disorders as our soldiers who serve in the military and go to war. I believe my mental disorder (Hood PTSD) was caused by numerous factors such as abusive parents,...자세히보기


    The Mis-Education of Black Children

    “The marvel of the living mind is that when it is illumined it can move into uncharted territories. It is enabled to take this step not out of reaction to the hurts of the past, but through the miracle of liberation from them…” -Indira Gandhi I read somewhere that “one of the highest most universal freedom in the world is the freedom to educate your children to live free.” But that is a freedom consistently, systematically and viciously denied the children of African descent in...자세히보기


    When does forgiveness begin and dehumanization stop?

    “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” -Johan Wolfgang von Goethe “Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.” -Hebrews 13:13 I want to take a moment to define I’ve shared a quote in a previous post by my friend and author J. Doyle what is meant by dehumanization- to divest of human qualities or personality. 이 과정 ...자세히보기


    Samuel Karim: Who I Am

    20 감금의 년- Samuel Karim of Chicago, Illinois Digging deep in the complex soil that is me, Samuel Karim, understanding why I am who I am– that is my legacy. I was born during the 1970s into a Muslim home with its own complexities. My father was a minister of the Nation of Islam. I was born in Chicago. I have lived in Saint Louis, Fort Worth, 로스 앤젤레스, and Gary, Indiana. I have attended around nineteen different schools. I really never had any sort of foundation except...자세히보기


    Time to Wake Up

    It’s time to wake up! Along time ago I had to learn to accept that just as not all characters are the same, not all minds are alike. Therefore because a lesson is capable of being taught by one does not dictate that it can easily be learned by another. Certain things can be understood by certain people, but most things are likely to be misunderstood by most people. 보기, I’m no athlete, actor, 정치가, or any other type public figure, so I don’t have to be politically...자세히보기


    2016 Presidential Election: 우리는 무엇을 원하는가?

    “The opposite of fact is falsehood, but the opposite of one profound truth may very well be another profound truth.” -Neils Bohr I’ve been thinking about the 2016 presidential election and how blacks are too focused on who we want in office when we should be more focused on what we want for our vote. Democratic politicians simply expect the black vote, like it’s inherited from their predecessor, while ignoring our concerns. Their prospects depend in large part on giving...자세히보기


    The Real: 포로는 N-단어의 사용을 논의

    나는 Stateville 교정 센터에서 여기에 클래스에 참석 (졸리 엣, IL) 라고 또한 학습 / 문예 창작. 이 클래스는 아웃했고, 문학에 대한 의견을 여러 위대한 작가를 읽고 쓰기 구성. We read Black Boy by Richard Wright and discussed it in class. 특히, 단어를 사용할 수 없습니다 수있는 사람의 단어 깜둥이와 질문의 사용. Out of this discussion was born a conversation with a young brother by the name of Toney Cole R-47028. Tony is 31-years...자세히보기

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