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Forever Love: When a Man Meets His Wife


When a man meets his wife, I don’t think anyone knows but he and she. There is a certain energy shared between the two, thus the tenderness of their being causes everyone to categorize it as nothing more than puppy love. How is it that after so many years of separation this same feeling of puppy love feels like the most magnificent feeling in the big whole world?

In this particular story this young man met his wife many years ago. Both were just young kids who in their minds had conjured up the many dreams of life. You know the ones we learn as children. The ones that fit social norms and traditional ideas. The white picket fence. The green grass laying so amorously in the front yard. Two little children. And of course the long white flowing dress as she is escorted down the aisle. And he stands at the altar, black tuxedo and cherry red cummerbund. Where these two young kids grew up, these dreams were nice, yet there was so much to play everything against them. Maybe they would continue to dream or somehow lose sight. But what I do know is eventually time would wear their bond thin and a painful separation would ensue. 5 년, ten years, fifteen years, and then twenty. Though this separation was not desired by either, and hurt more than anything, this lapse in time assisted in the growth of she (independently), as the once young girl went on to become everything she had hoped for. There was only one thing she had yet to make a reality, her gorgeous dreams, the same dreams she had as a child. Sometimes when everything seemed to be working against her, yes this young girl had grown and went through very trying times herself, she wished for that one young boy. Maybe the young boy stood on another part of the globe hoping it was he she wished for. After all this is a dream, and you produce them how you see fit. She had yet to discover the man worthy to patiently wait at the altar as she moved in like an angel, glowing, halo atop her head, heading in his direction.

As for the young boy, 잘, life for him had turned upside down when they separated and his life went spiraling out of control. No one realized how out of control his life really was. He seemed to have it all together. The cars, the clothes, his money didn’t fold, and many of women were at his beck and call. We call this the quick fix, thus the longevity which can only arise byway of love, true love, escaped him. Who could’ve wished for anything more? Only this young boy! But what was he wishing for? His wife! Though he had everything, he knew in the back of his mind, or better yet the depths of his heart, that he would never secure his all until he had her. Then one day this young boy whom had been transformed into a man fell on hard times. His entire big whole world began to collapse. Friends and family vanished into thin air. He found himself locked away somewhere on a island, surrounded by darkness. No one could hear him, no one could see him, staring out at nothing. He wondered if his last days were near. He decided to script his life. There was only one piece of paper, and one way to send out a message, through faith. This young boy who had been transformed into a man and fallen on hard times began accounting for his life, documenting everything that meant anything to him on this one piece of paper. This one piece of paper wasn’t nearly enough. And so this young boy who had been transformed into a man had to scrawl down only the most important people, places and things in his lifetime. Now was his final chance to manifest his dreams as a child. Tactfully, this young boy, now man, wrote the words “나는 당신을 사랑합니다,” but disclosed little to anything more. He trusted that when this young girl who was created to be his wife would catch a glimpse that she would know that this message was her’s, and her’s alone. After writing, documenting every thought worth thinking and leaving out those worth nothing, this young boy, now a man laid down and went to sleep, leaving the remainder of his life to chance. It was in this deep sleep in the center of this lonely island covered in darkness that he was awaken by a lovely voice. He had not heard this voice in twenty-plus years. Life seldom awards dreams unless we have the correct amount of faith to support them. He chose not to believe what he was hearing was something more than a dream. This was his dream since he had been a young boy. His entire life he had given up on much. This was the one thing he held faith in. This voice. This one young girl.
“I am here,” she spoke. And though over twenty years had passed without them sharing not even a glimpse of one another, this young boy couldn’t help but believe these three words. These three words soothed his soul. Parts of the dark island began to light up. Maybe it was selfish of him, but there was still more he needed to make his dream reality. And as if she knew exactly what he needed, thus needing the same for herself she spoke, “나는 당신을 사랑합니다!”

This was it. The entire sky began to open up. The sun grew began to brighten the entire big whole world. Awakened from his dream this young boy, now a man, spoke, “I love you too.” Now together there still existed one hurdle. One last obstacle. One last fight to secure their love. He had to escape this lone, dark island. The story has yet to close. They both know that the only way they will leave this island is hand and hand as husband and wife.

I know many are reading this story and are wondering from where it has derived and if there is truth in everything. Maybe you know of this young boy and young girl and can decipher the truth of this very message. I intend to assist in even these matters. I’ll give you one clue. The young boy’s name is Forever. The young girl’s name is Love.

This is a story of forever love!

Tewhan 버틀러, co-founder of Live From Lockdown
Author of 미국의 대학살

Again I tell you to cop that.
There’s more than meets the eye.


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  1. Latoya says:

    이건 정말 좋았다,and very true..

  2. 사탕,en says:

    That was lovely. Yet I wonder is there a female out here waiting on you? You write like you are intelligent enough to know that you cannot be selfish and expect any female to p
    put her life on hold for anyone. Speaking from experience it’s not difficult, I did it for 4 년. It is something that I would never do again. True Love will have you do things that you never thought you would do. True Love will find you once you are home. You are a bright young man. You will recognize and appreciate it.

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