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  • Government Name: Labron Neal Bey
  • Register Number: B80805
  • Age:32
  • Time Served:Time served
  • Home Town:Chicago, IL
  • Sentence:LIFE
  • Current Charge:Murder
  • Alias:N/A
  • Release Date:LIFE
  • Prison Affiliation:Gangster Disciple
  • Circle of Influence:Benjamin Williams, Fall Back, Jamel Miller, Mark Dixon, Moorish Science Temple of America
  • Institution:Stateville Correctional Center
  • I truly believe we can help elevate the consciousness of our youth in a way that will change the game.

Know thy self

We travel through various complexions that manifest mixed behavior, thoughts and activity when we are unaware of certain facts. As we build on Live from Lockdown, our objective is to learn why we do what we do when we do it. Our training must lead us to know that we are in fact in control of our thoughts and activities as we respond to every situation in or circumference. Our ancient ancestry documented the way to go about learning how to do this when writing, Man, know thy self. We will not disrespect you or our ancestors by giving you limited information or assuming that you are not qualified to learn. We seek to establish balance in your existence. We’re not here to give you any Mickey Mouse education. Focus and full effort is required to allow illusion to FALL from your thinking as you revert BACK to reality and RAISE UP!!

Self knowledge builds self control.

Looking around our immediate surroundings we’ll find that the many who are not engaging in any self study do not really have any self control. This is how prisons stay full, the recidivism rate is high and many indulge in harmful activities causing health difficulties and activity that intrigues the urge to behave like an animal that enjoys the nigga/criminal ideology. We can’t say that we don’t see this going on around us at a consistent rate. This is due to a lack of self knowledge.

As we’ve made perfectly clear, we do not want for you to come to prison or exhibit any such preposterous behavior that inflicts pain on your natural person with no control or restraint over such abusive behavior. This is why we’re going to break down the “science of self” in forthcoming posts. All detailed knowledge will give you the training techniques and tactics to be in control of you.

If you are incarcerated we want you to really put in more of the necessary training than people in the streets because you have more time on your hands to do so. Plus you’re the next leaders and your leadership is essential to build and Raise UP the youth with this information so that they may rid their thinking of the worldly intelligence and have the qualified science to defend their self from all trick-knowledge that is extended through commercialism and entertainment by media. If we’re all ready and comprehend that we have work to do together, then let’s train!

Many may not be familiar with any esoteric expressions with regard to self. One of the many esoteric facts that we must learn is the science of higher and lower self. The first thing that many assume is higher and lower self refers to one’s good and bad sides. According to what Fall Back and Raise UP are extending is not the case when dealing in the higher and lower self. This is the next step in self knowledge that requires for us to dissect the significance of what is being said and to build common ground for us to develop and gain awareness of the workings that govern our behavior.

It is often expressed by those who religiously assume that they know what they are saying that the higher self is the God consciousness and the lower self is the Devil consciousness. When you decipher the teachings of God and the devil they are taught as being entities outside of self, fighting with one another through human creation on earth. They have something here! There is significant substance to this order of data, but people today reject the teachings because much training is needed to comprehend the esoteric meanings. Thus, the God and devil theory of theology seems to have ended with our elders in its reign of giving one a rule to tactically control self. This no disrespect to our elders and their theology. However, truth is that this theology is not keeping one out of prison. It’s not giving one the self knowledge to be productive or to make preparations for the up and coming. This theology does not give us the scientific methods of training  to learn what we need to know about self and what defines the God or devil in us. Consequently, it is rejected by the majority of natural people.

We’re not going to provide a religious format of training or revert to any such indoctrination as the answers to our many problems. This is a format to build the consciousness of a General Of Discipline in the first degree through the Intelligence of Science Law And Mathematics (ISLAM). Our ancestors led the way whens saying, “Man, know thy self.” When we say General Of Discipline we are not referring to the religious dogma of GOD. We’re referring to a state of mind structured by ALL-LAW that brings in balance our thinking, behavior and activity. What this means is there is a scientific explanation that factually defines this esoteric expression of higher and lower self without getting religious.

Higher– advanced in development and complexity; eminent in rank and authority

Lower– below a comparable or similar thing in rank or authority

Self– the total essential being of a person

It is very important to know exactly what we are saying to determine where we are in our training. So when we put these two terms together with self, we have:

Higher Self– the total essential being of a person that is advanced in development, complexity and eminent in rank and authority.

Lower Self– the total essential being of a person that is below the similar development and complexity in rank and authority.

This is extremely important. In learning what we call the higher and lower self, we see that these concepts deal in the being.

Stay tuned….


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