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  • Government Name: Kenneth Key
  • Register Number: A70562
  • Age:57
  • Time Served:33 years
  • Home Town:Chicago, IL
  • Sentence:888 years (Natural Life)
  • Current Charge:Armed Robbery, Kidnapping
  • Alias:Blue & Ananyah Ben Yisrael
  • Release Date:N/A
  • Prison Affiliation:N/A
  • Circle of Influence:Jamel Miller
  • Institution:Stateville Correctional Center
  • You will rise in direct proportion to the decrease in your negative thoughts, words and actions

Kenneth Key

Shalom community,

My name is Kenneth M. Key, A-70562, resident of Stateville Correctional Center, P.O. Box 112, Joliet, Illinois, 60434. My street name was Blue, and for a long time on the street I was affiliated with the Black Gangsters and for a while in prison as well. I am 57 years of age, no longer affiliated, and now known by my holy name Ananyah Ben Yisrael. I grew up in Chicago on the other side of perfect. Now I am serving 888 years for armed robbery and kidnapping. 

Today, I’m reaching beyond these windowless– walls where the doors and bars are steel, where it’s hardly ever warm on a cold night and the breeze will send chills through your bones, where birds never sing, and where baths never clean– in hopes of communicating with my sons and daughter, my brothers and sisters, the PERILS OF PRISON LIFE. I’m reaching out because I’m dedicated to making a real change in my son’s and daughter’s lives by using my own experiences with gangs, drugs and violence to help you, I pray, make better decisions with your life.  Unfortunately, I did not avoid the pitfalls and it has caused me to serve the rest of my life in prison. I want to give something back to the very neighborhoods, cities, I took so much from.

I’ve been incarcerated over 33 years. Who am I? I am someone’s son, little brother and father. As I write this my son resides just six cells down from me, and he is also serving life. 

I am a jailhouse lawyer. I have three years of college credits and just received my diploma in Personal Psychological Development.

It’s my prayer that my conversations via Live from Lockdown will help others out of multiple circumstances and problems such as psychocide to homicide. My objective is to provide you the real picture of life here in prison and all its ugliness; to provoke thought and change and solicit your feedback, questions and criticism.

You attracted this webpage to you and you caused yourself to be aware of it all out of your deep desire to gather information that will affect change.

I’m an artist. I do paintings that simply provoke thought and conversation and sometimes hope.

I’m a servant dedicated to being my brother’s keeper by service, encouragement and example. And despite the many labels society has placed on me, I am still human. For I laugh, I feel, I cry. Today, I’m crying out to you. Don’t come into this world. In it you will experience the depths of loneliness, hardship, hatred, and despair. A place where friends will perish, and family, over time, may vanish, and life will go on without you.

I am here to express to you your chances of affecting very real change. You will rise in direct proportion to the decrease in your negative thoughts, words and deeds.

Have a thought, question? Write and may be it will be a topic for a future post.

I apologize community for the pain and stress, but I am here to repair the breach.

Let healing start.



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