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  • Government Name: Josh Carrell
  • Register Number: 13361-026
  • Age:Age
  • Time Served:Time served
  • Home Town:Peoria, IL
  • Sentence:15 yrs.
  • Current Charge:Armed Bank Robbery
  • Alias:Supreme L
  • Release Date:2018
  • Prison Affiliation:Universal Consciousness
  • Circle of Influence:Quaheem Edwards
  • Institution:USP Tucson
  • I am in prison, but I am not a product of my environment.

Joshua Allen Carrell

My name is Joshua Allen Carrell aka Apollo P. I Was born in Peoria, Illinois. My mother became pregnant with me at a young age. My real dad abandoned me and my mom soon after my mom gave birth. A little time after that my  mom met a man who she said was any woman’s dream man. He was gentle, kind, nourishing, and respectful. My mother fell in love with this man. They became engaged and got married. On my mother’s wedding day her life changed from a heaven on earth reality to a life of terror, violence and brutality. My mother’s wedding day was the first time this man, her husband, brutally beat her. He continued to beat my mother. On one occasion of many he beat her so bad that he thought he killed her. He then put her in the trunk of his car and took her to some woods to dig her grave. My mom woke up in the trunk of his car and leaned out of the trunk, and there he was digging a hole. When he saw my mom he said, “Hey baby I thought I killed you.”

The police would get called to their house due to the neighbors hearing my mom’s screams as she was beaten. Eventually family service intervened and took me from my mom and put me in a foster home. What’s unique about this is that one of the police officers who always showed up to disturbances at the house ended up adopting me into his personal family. Some time later, my step brother who I looked up to and trusted began sexually molesting me.

My mother regained custody of me some years later. However, at the time, she was with another man who was a reflection of the last man. This time I witnessed the beatings he gave her. I can still see my mother’s blood and hear her screams to this day.

It was in these moments as a child that I knew one day I would help women.

At age thirteen I joined a gang. The gang I became a part of was 90% African-American. I stood out as a white boy in this gang, but they embraced me and took me in. At fifteen-years-old I was sent to the Department of Corrections. Once released, I was still an unconscious man living as a product of my environment. In 2003, I got arrested for distribution of cocaine, and I was sent to State prison. While serving time for that charge, I was indicted by the Federal government for Armed Bank Robbery. The incident happened before I got arrested on the State charge. In 2007, I was transferred from State custody to Federal custody. In United States Penitentiaries I have experienced many things. I have seen people killed in gang riots. I have had friends who have been killed and sent home to their family in a coffin. I have almost been killed myself, and I almost caught a murder charge.

Survive or die is the code. Staying alive by all means is the goal.

I have seen and been a part of so much bloodshed and corruption within these prison walls. I am now a seeker of PEACE and KNOWLEDGE among other things from the LIGHT. It was through my mistakes, trials, and the challenges of deep pain and dark storms that the light was bestowed upon me.

I have been awakened to a higher consciousness and awareness on all levels of life.

Yes, I am in prison, but I am not a product of my environment. At age thirteen I gave my choices away when I joined a gang. Then I allowed somebody else to make choices for me. I gave my greatest away not knowing at the time it was my greatest gift.

I went to hell and back many times before I realized something was wrong with this ride. Once realized, I manned up by stepping up and taking my great gift back some years ago. I came to understand that in order for me to see beyond prison I had to get prison off of me. Since I realized this concept I have had the strength and will to keep this environment off of me. I accept the truth that prison only has me physically. I have learned that being physically free is not the most important thing. But it is of great value in the arts of the circle of life, as it grants one a greater opportunity to enhance one’s life and the lives of others in a positive light.

I am grateful that I do not have much longer in prison. Now I am focused on the arts and I write. I wrote a book about empowering women and stopping the abuse of women. I am in the process of self publishing my book.

Ladies stay strong, and never let a man treat you any less then the queen you are.

My word’s to the free world: Don’t abuse women. Cherish our women.
Blessed be,
Joshua Carrell 13361-026
Usp Tucson
P.O Box 24550
Tucson, Arizona 85734


2 responses to “Joshua Allen Carrell”

  1. Ignacio Arreguin says:

    I love you uncle Josh I wrote some shit about you and threw it in a song ima record it soon

  2. Adrian Hanas says:

    Hi, i came across your writing by accident. I appreciated your life story. glad to see you took a path to the light. its the harder path. by far. Good Luck with it! and with your writing.

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