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    To the Fathers In and Out of Jail

    Fyrst og fremst, I want to send my love to everybody out there dealing with the madness that never seems to let up. Nú, I want to salute the fathers in and out of jail who are holding down their position, even in adversity. We have to make sure we do our part. This is for the fathers who are doing that and more. I want y’all to know y’all inspire me to do better and keep pushing and doing what I’m supposed to do. In prison you here guys say f*** Father’s Day, and it...LESA MEIRA


    Father’s Day Thoughts from Prison

    Why is it that so many African-American fathers in this country are being so viciously spited by their own women and children? One of the reasons for this spite is a simple one. In ALL races around the world, the man is the ultimate protector of his woman and children. But in this country many African-American men have literally said, to hell with doing what’s naturally right. Many children have been left fatherless- to protect, raise, and guide themselves. WE have selfishly given up...LESA MEIRA



    Systematic annihilations, kerfum sem eru gjörsneyddur af ást, villandi Intelligence, Mass Confusions hella Blood- Af saklaus, þó þeir telja að þeir eru sekir, Einhverja illa, kennt af þeim sem eru andlega skítugu- lygarar, Afvegaleiðendur og Non-trúuðu fremja svik, Þeir losta að gera vonda með minna aga en hund- Hver er þetta dýrið talaði um í Opinberunarbókinni? að búa til vandamál, framleiðsla demonic Situations- Það er maður, ekki skotta, with a diabolical...LESA MEIRA


    The Children: I Feel Their Pain

    When I leave prison I wonder what will be the state of mind the children. While I have spent years studying and building my mind, others have been stagnated and on drugs. I do know their position and what they are going through. Can I honesty expect them to see things as I see them? I find myself wondering how many people out there are really trying to help these young men. When I speak to them I feel their pain. To them, it seems there is no other option. It seems like every time I get on the...LESA MEIRA


    Pardon the Truth Gangstas

    A bus just rolled in the other day, and as always I’m there to see the new arrivals and check the temperature of those who may enter the terror-dome with something other than peace on their mind. As I strolled into the chow hall, a few trusted komrades in tow, I recognized a familiar face. This dude was a street reputable. He was known to stack millions, and this was back in my day, so his street notoriety was mountain high. Before he could spot me, I chilled the way only I could, og ...LESA MEIRA


    Trúarbrögð: Be Smart Not Prejudiced

    Trúarbrögð: No one can claim knowledge of a thing, eitthvað, having not studied its history and its origin. Mere speculation and guesses that are not supported with sound research and mathematical facts is nothing more than conjecture. Hlusta! We have all been told, not taught about religion. And when you are told something, as opposed to being taught it, there is usually a hook attached. Sometimes you can see the hook and sometimes you can’t. But it is always there. There are those who...LESA MEIRA


    The Gleraugu við vera

    Getty Images Have you ever heard someone say that another person was looking at the world through rose-colored glasses? Kannski ekki. Maybe you’ve heard someone looks at the opposite sex through beer googles. Whenever I hear these phrases I understand them to mean that someone’s way of thinking shapes their perception and how they view the world. In the case of someone who views the world through rose-colored glasses, their idealistic view of things blinds them to the negative...LESA MEIRA


    Prison Shakedown

    Photo by Busterrr In a cellhouse at Stateville Correctional Center (Joiliet, Illinois). Vakna með fangi sem var upp snemma og tók vatnið, þ.mt salernum, hafði verið cutoff – merki um bráðum að koma fangelsi Shakedown. Það er stigs shakedown. Það er statewide, sem þýðir foringja frá þrjátíu plús fangelsum í Illinois mun renna á okkur til að leita að smygl eins og hnífa, heimabakað vín, lyf, Sími, o.fl.. Það eru yfir 400 yfirmenn. Inmates are...LESA MEIRA


    A Man’s Man

    I’m so serious most of the time because, í fangelsi, only the fittest and most aggressive survive. A second cannot be wasted. Once seconds are lost, you lose, and losing is for losers! I keep an attitude because I never want to become complacent or okay with being in prison. My disdain for prison is what keeps me focused, planning, plotting, strategizing, and executing to get out of prison ASAP! To some I am extremely cocky and arrogant. But that’s only because I believe in me. My...LESA MEIRA


    Dear Mama

    Dear Mama, As I’ve traveled this earth and experienced life as a man, I’ve taken notice to the fact many attribute being a man to their father figure. Thus I know today that with all my father’s strength, courage and guidance I would not be the man I am without your love. I’ve strived for excellence and made repeated mistakes along the way. And although I’ve been condemned by the many, you dare to love me in the face of all their grimacing stares and awful...LESA MEIRA

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