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  • Ríkisstjórn Name: Marcus Martin
  • Kennitala: 38109-007
  • Aldur:30
  • Tími Borið:10 ár +
  • Home Town:Washington D.C.
  • Setning:624 mánuðum (52 ár)
  • Núverandi Hleðsla:Samsæri, Murder 1st Degree
  • Alias:Marquise or Salahudeen
  • Útgáfudagur:2052
  • Prison Tengsl:Muslim
  • Hring áhrifum:Only men with something on their mind.
  • Stofnun:USP Canaan
  • Ég er svartur karlmaður sem lífið var eyðilagt vegna vegsömun á götum.

Prison Suicide: Only the Strong Survive


A recent prison suicide led a federal prisoner to reflect on the phrase ‘only the strong survive’.

Today I finally understand the meaning of only the strong survive. At one time, Ég hélt að tilgangur var beint að eðlisástand, until I began reaching a bit more and realized it applied more toward being mentally strong. There are statues that declare only the strong survive, and in the sense of gladiators and other strength activities, true indeed. As you look deeper into the meaning of only the strong survive, one must recognize that the MENTAL state is a key component of this statement in an everyday sense.

Being mentally strong consists of a person being able to ENDURE the hardships and challenges of their reality. A strong mental makes the barriers and burdens much easier to bear. It’s said that “Allah (Guð) will not set a task on any person except according to his capacity,” meaning that Allah will not place a burden upon a person he can’t handle. At birth we are equipped with the elements and tools to endure constant trials and tribulations, yet over time it is easy to lose hope, FAITH, and courage. Once I began to look at it this way I came to realize that there is another component to only the strong survive and that is spiritual strength. SPIRITUALITY is definitely needed, especially in confinement.

Recently someone ended their own life within this system (Bureau af Fangelsi) and within these same walls I reside. My belief is that Allah has everyone’s time and day written. However this individual decided to call it quits for what ever he managed to come up with.

This road is a rough one for sure. Prison either makes you or it breaks you.

Some cannot endure the losses and hardships. Some of us are dreamers and if dreams do not soon become reality, one can lose focus and become hopeless. Some of us are warriors at heart and in mind who can carry the weight of the world upon our shoulders and still leap over the obstacles this life places in front of us. And some are at peace and have become complacent in the condition they have been conditioned to accept.

Only the strong survive. True indeed.

Find your strength to succeed, surpass, berjast, vinna, uplift, and overcome. Ef ekki, you will be weak and think of excuses to quit and seek ways to get away from it all.

“Adversity has to build strength, and after every difficulty must come relief.”

Insha Allah


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