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  • Ríkisstjórn Name: Marcus Martin
  • Kennitala: 38109-007
  • Aldur:30
  • Tími Borið:10 ár +
  • Home Town:Washington D.C.
  • Setning:624 mánuðum (52 ár)
  • Núverandi Hleðsla:Samsæri, Murder 1st Degree
  • Alias:Marquise or Salahudeen
  • Útgáfudagur:2052
  • Prison Tengsl:Muslim
  • Hring áhrifum:Only men with something on their mind.
  • Stofnun:USP Canaan
  • Ég er svartur karlmaður sem lífið var eyðilagt vegna vegsömun á götum.

Prison in its Truest Form


“Even though we can’t have all we want, we ought to be thankful we don’t get all that we deserve”

– Anon

Just like every other day, I’ve awakened to the sounds of food slots opening at 5:30 að morgni. Once again a worthless breakfast designed to keep you alive instead of nourished. Ég er brosandi, something I do every morning, thankful for life while my heart beats for better. I smile to hide any and all signs of frustration, and do not allow myself to disturb the next man’s day. I smile to hide the fact that I am tired of prison, its politics, its plots, plans, and propaganda. I smile because deep down inside I know one day soon life will be better and victory will be mine.

Prison in its truest form is designed to destroy all family ties and demoralize you to the core. One must endure the struggles of self as well as the struggle this prison reality presents. Prison life is not living at all. Prison degrades the human soul. Prison is not cool or fun. Prison is damaging and sickening. And prison’s doors remain open for those who want to enter and closed for those who want exit.

When you wake up in the morning smile and thank Allah (Guð) for allowing you to see another day. Thank God for being free, and let your day be joyful. When the sun sets and the moon begins to rise, smile and be happy that you have accomplished another day’s goal. Hug your parents, your children, your siblings, and your friends; thank them for being in your corner. And when you pray, pray that Allah (Guð) saves you from the shackles and chains of prison life and protects those who you know who endure what you seek protection from. Most importantly, live life and love yourself wholeheartedly.


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