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  • Ríkisstjórn Name: Benjamin Williams
  • Kennitala: R32989
  • Aldur:27
  • Tími Borið:10 ár +
  • Home Town:Chicago, IL
  • Setning:41 ár
  • Núverandi Hleðsla:Murder, Rán, Agg. Rennsli skotvopn
  • Alias:Ben Ben
  • Útgáfudagur:2045
  • Prison Tengsl:Vöxtur og þróun
  • Hring áhrifum:Fall Back, Labron Neal Bey
  • Stofnun:Stateville CORRECTIONAL CENTER
  • Markmið mitt er að hvetja og stuðla að breytingum.

Patience is a Virtue


All my life I was told that patience is a virtue. I never really understood that sentiment until everything in my life was turned upside down, and I had to exercise patience to maintain my sanity. In prison and in life we all at some point in time experience some kind of obstacle or setback that tests our will, trú, viðhorf, og skilningur. Life is hard, so I won’t front like it’s not. You have to be equipped for all the troubles that come your way, in all aspects, líkamlega, mentally and spiritually. Sometimes in life we are put in dire situations that are stressful, and at times it may seem like the madness or bad luck will never end. I definitely can attest to how easy it is to just give up and give in to all of the pressures of what’s going on and wrong around you. That’s why it’s imperative that you work to strengthen your mind, body and soul on a daily basis. You never know when you will need to rely on those strengths.

There is a saying that the creator never places a burden upon you that you cannot bear. So have faith that when everything is going downhill that it’s for a reason, and it’s only placed in front of you to make you stronger and build your character. Being miserable and stressing over things out of your control does nothing but hinder us from growing and learning the lessons meant for us to learn from the circumstances the creator places us in.

Let’s not grow weary, instead find meaning and understanding of our struggles and persevere. Such is the virtue of being patient.


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