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  • Ríkisstjórn Name: Tewhan Butler
  • Kennitala: 26852-050
  • Aldur:34
  • Tími Borið:11 ár
  • Home Town:East Orange, NJ
  • Setning:30 ár.
  • Núverandi Hleðsla:RICO
  • Alias:Fjöldamorð
  • Útgáfudagur:2029
  • Prison Tengsl:Blóð (Double ii / QSBG)
  • Hring áhrifum:Altariq Gumbs, Emmanuel Jones, Lester Alford, Marco Miguel Robertson, Pele Brown, David Drone, Jermaine Ray, Marcus Martin, Michael Simpson, Omar Austin, Quaheem Edwards, Torvos Simpson, Vincent Gamboa
  • Stofnun:USP McCreary
  • Hér, líf mitt bak við lás og slá upp skilning þá sem hættuspil inn 'líf' og engin skilning á afleiðingum þess: The mótlæti, hindranir og ferðin verður maður ferðast einn þegar gavel er skellti, klefi er læst og ljósin fara út.

Engar hetjur Hér

Get on the ground now!
Drop the knife!

These demands were blatantly ignored. One’s only mission had been to get his man and now that he had, simple screams of “Stop!” could never be enough to end the punishment, which was taking place. As death was sharing the pen, a dozen or so Corrections Officers stood around with unmistakable fear in their eyes. No heroes here…

Prison is a place where the worthless and often vicious are held. Certainly not worth the sacrifice. All the while, he who laid out on the pavement losing his life could hear nothing but his own screams. Nothing other than palmed metal being strangled, coming down and plunging deep into his being. Another life to be retrieved by the Reaper himself.

Seconds carried on as hours. Repeated thrusts. Once convinced in his own deranged mind that his victim could not or would not return, alltaf; almost in slow motion, he stood soaked in another man’s gore and tossed the knife as if taunting the faint-hearted men who oathed to serve and protect. A devil’s smile covered his face. Þá, palm side up, he held out his hands hidden beneath slops of blood. Þegar, he had dominated the choice, now his own, to submit. Cuffed and led away…

Once again death had overtaken the brig.


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