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  • Government Name: Omar Austin
  • Register Number: 204603C
  • Age:31
  • Time Served:since 2001
  • Home Town:Newark, NJ
  • Sentence:60 yrs + 7 consecutive yrs
  • Current Charge:Double Murder
  • Alias:K.O.
  • Release Date:2043
  • Prison Affiliation:Blood (Valentine)
  • Circle of Influence:Altariq Gumbs, Lester Alford, Pele Brown, Tewhan Butler,
  • Institution:East Jersey State Prison (Rahway)
  • If a real G can’t dissuade you youngins, okay, have it ya way, but at least let me prep you for the road.

If We Could Trade Places

This one is dedicated to the wannabe thugs and gangsters:

If we could trade places, I would let you wake up here in the morning in my prison cell (by the way I’m in a control unit) and be served cold food on twenty-four-hour lockdown around the clock. You can have my spot bkuz after all you’re  a G or a thug so I guess this is gangsta in that way of thinking. Wake up here and take this cold ass food tray with three waffles and two sausages that are not made of real meat. It’s some processed unnamed product. Whatever it is, it’s the breakfast of a G under these circumstances.

So now you wait for the officers to get to your cell for shower. You can then get into a funky shower already used by numerous men, some with extra bad hygiene. Then it’s back to your prison cell. Look out of the window and see into the prison yard–a row of cages similar to a dog shelter, literally. One man to a cage in the exact space as your cell. Look up and see the outside of the prison. Look into the skyline and see the same ole stuff you’ve been looking at for over a decade. That’s ten years in case you’re uneducated bkuz you’re too cool for school. So in the skyline you see places you may never be close to in your lifetime. That’s too much for even a gangster’s contemplation. So you turn back into your cell. Already hungry because three waffles cannot hold a grown ass man. Whatever you have been thinking is always right there on your mind stalking you every second of the day and a stressful mind tends to exacerbate  (make something worse) the situation.

See, when you live an extreme life everything is perceived in the most extreme ways. Possibly because that’s all people like you can understand. Like they say some people have to learn the hard way. Right now you want to be me and that’s how I got to be me and be where I am today.

On the other hand I am you. I wake up in your bed and prepare for school because I am not too cool for school. I am going to fill my head with knowledge in the form of possibilities that may not make sense at the moment but will be the determining factor in my life as time passes by. I give my mom and grandmom a big hug and kiss bkuz everyday is Mother’s Day and you have a mother sacrificing and pouring her love and effort into you. Then I carry on with my day. Simple things like just being free, seeing people and walking down the street, seeing cars drive by, and the way the morning sun shines and reflects off of the the houses and buildings that are a part of the scenery I am growing up in seem to matter. I want to appreciate the simple things bkuz one day I will be you in a prison cell keeping it gangster and dying from getting old but not getting old.

I could have prolonged this and went into deeper detail but I believe you get the picture. Go and prepare yourself to win by doing what is required of winners. Or prepare yourself to be me and get what I got out of life–nothing but a sad story. But hey man, check this out, nobody lives your life for you. No matter how much people love you all, all they can do is give you direction and step back.

If you want to keep it gangster, I’ll see you when you get here….


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