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  • Government Name: Marco Miguel Robertson
  • Register Number: 62151-066
  • Age:38
  • Time Served:15 + yrs.
  • Home Town:Laurel, MD
  • Sentence:LIFE +24 yrs.
  • Current Charge:Murder
  • Alias:Marco Miguel
  • Release Date:Seeking post-conviction relief
  • Prison Affiliation:Orthodox Sunni Muslim
  • Circle of Influence:Tewhan Butler
  • Institution:USP Lewisburg (SMU)
  • I am a Maryland State Prisoner in the Special Management Unit of the federal prison system in the fifteenth year of a LIFE + 24-year sentence. NOPE, NONE OF IT WAS WORTH IT!


God willing, I hope this letter finds you well in every branch of life! I’m happy for you that you made it through the storm! Hopefully, at some point, I’ll be able to wade through the muddy waters! It appears that these people are bent on keeping me here. On the 22nd I got an assault shot on my cellie that I shouldn’t have. At no time was I trying to hurt the guy, and they know it. Matter of fact, when they came, they were mad and cursing me out because there was wasn’t any blood, guts or gore; and they didn’t get to gas, restrain or beat me. The guy needs to be in Springfield and force medicated, if need be. I wrote and spoke on his behalf, only to be told he was faking and they didn’t have anywhere to put him. They refused to give the guy medication or move him. I made his bed for him. I told him to wipe himself upon deficating, to urinate, to eat etc. The guy was gone! He was also taken advantage of by some some of these creep inmates sexually and I believe he liked it. He asked me on multiple occasions if I wanted a massage, and at 1:30am he covered the window up saying, “I wanna fuck, so what you gonna do?” On numerous occasions I told him I don’t engage in any homosexual acts whatsoever. One afternoon he held one of his food trays and the staff were going to use this as an opportunity to team-restrain me again. Then, one morning they took my rec stating it was because of him. I went off- hollering that they were unprofessional, that he shouldn’t be here and that they should move me as I wasn’t equipped to deal with him; plus, I was tired of being caught in a sick game. Well, Ms. (Name Kept Confidential), who’s the range officer stood in the way of action taking place for me to get out of the situation because I don’t jerk off on her (I ain’t done it like that in 15 years, why start?)

Dig, I have over 700 poems, posts etc. in the cell and a massive amount of legal work in which I expressed to the staff that I could not leave this guy in the cell with his mischevious 3-5 year old mentality. On several occasions this dude kicked and punched me in the face and I had to restrain him. Dude would walk around naked, especially after showering (one morning he did pushups for an hour, naked) until I told him to dress. The guy was extremely frail, and though a lot of guys said I should’ve beat his body, he was so frail I would break his ribs or hurt him and it would’ve been advantage taken. On the 22nd he said he had to use the restroom, so I laid on the bunk and covered myself, next thing you know he was naked on the bunk touching me, as I rose to my feet he hit me in the mouth. I got hold of him to restrain him and pinned him down by the door and when staff walked by I banged on the door and lifted him to his feet and put his arms through the slot to cuff up, then I cuffed up. The guy wasn’t hurt at all, and these people were mad because they didn’t get a chance to inflict any harm on me. Day one, phase one….

On a Raise UP note, as you know I never have writer’s block and am for the cause 150%! I’m a writer now. I’m active in various youth organizations in helping kids make the right choices in life! As I’ve told you, I believe it is my divine mission to make aware those I can reach on where they can possibly end up in an effort to stem the flow of those coming to prison.

Frankly, I, and all of us here in the Special Management Unit (SMU) at USP Lewisburg (Pennsylvania), need help! I’m letting you know where I am- my plight and my struggle! Please do the best you can in seeing things how I do after I’ve been imprisoned for fifteen looong years. I do appreciate you being real and reaching out to the community to better it. Take care of yourself.

Read this recent news article on the situation here in the SMU at USP Lewisburg- two inmates killed in six months for reasons eerily similar to the experience above.


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