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  • Kormányzati név: David Coats-Bey
  • Nyilvántartási szám: 04475-007
  • Életkor:30
  • Idő szolgált:óta 2002
  • Home Town:Washington, DC
  • Mondat:10-30 év. (Emberölés) 3-10 év. (Gyújtogatás)
  • Aktuális töltési:Emberölés, Gyújtogatás
  • Álnév:N / A
  • Release Date:2016
  • Prison Munkahely:Mór Science Temple
  • Circle of Influence:Ahmed bíró, Chucky Taylor, John Kis
  • Intézmény:USP Big Sandy
  • Meg kell értenie, hogy a börtön nem a hely, hogy minden emberi lény.

The Paradox of Corrections

One of the most profound and disturbing paradoxes of corrections is that from the moment of arrest, throughout your stay in jail, and during your subsequent prison sentence, you are treated like an it.

You are despised, disrespected, bántalmazott, demoralized, and dehumanized. Akkor, once you are regurgitated, released, and essentially expelled from the bowels of the beast, you are expected to conform to the precepts of proper social etiquette. Például: to share, to communicate, to integrate, to love, to hope, to strive, to focus, and to forgive.

You went to Yale, Harvard, Princeton; to Morehouse, Tuskegee and Howard; yet you expect positives when everything you extend only serves to antagonize, belittle, condemn, deny, entomb, entrap, humiliate, and hinder.

If prison will kill the morality, sértetlenség, veracity and propriety of a corrections officer, what will it do to me?

America has more of its citizens buried alive than any other country that’s considered civilized. WHY?

This was written by Pierre Valdez, a good man behind these walls with me.


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