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  • Kormányzati név: Ausar Emmanuel Jones
  • Nyilvántartási szám: 28486-050
  • Életkor:29
  • Idő szolgált:N / A
  • Home Town:Jersey City, NJ
  • Mondat:30 év
  • Aktuális töltési:Gyilkosság, Emberrablás, RICO, Hogy. Gyilkosságok, Lőfegyver megsértése, Hogy. Gyilkosság egy szövetségi informátor, míg börtönben
  • Álnév:Killer-E
  • Release Date:2030
  • Prison Munkahely:Vér (Karima)
  • Circle of Influence:Tewhan Butler, Altariq Gumbs, Kenneth Thompson, Cedric Brown
  • Intézmény:FCI McKean
  • Első Bloods egyesülnek oka a növekedés és fejlődés a fiatalok, hogy megakadályozzák a további börtön.

Set Goals that Inspire Success

What are your goals?

I believe it’s real important to set goals in life that inspire success. Without goals I do not believe we will ever put full effort in getting something done. I have many goals. I work everyday to ACHIEVE them. Obviously my first goal is freedom. Many take freedom for granted and do not understand the position their in or what they can accomplish with their freedom.

Take responsibility. Be truthful. Choices determine outcomes.

1.) What are the “what ifs” that come up whenever you think of making change?

2.) What can you do to improve your current situation?

3.) How can you use your strengths and skills to help you attain your goal(s)?

4.) What will it take for you to stop imagining your ideal “lifestyle” and begin to actually live the life you envision?

These are some things we need to think about that a lot of us probably do not. We never really ask ourselves certain questions. We often allow circumstances to dictate our actions, but I believe if we planned more we would be in better situations. Know your obstacles. Preparation is the key to success. We are responsible for the outcomes in our lives.

1.) Think about everything you done in the last ten years. What are some of your accomplishments during that period?

2.) Who’s been there for you and contributed toward your success?

3.) Who are some of the haters that do not support your efforts and success?

4.) How do you want your story to end? Once you’re gone, how will people summarize who you were or what you did? What will be your legacy?

5.) Where do you want to be in five years?

One thing I know is habits separate men. Try to get rid of your bad habits and replace them with your good habits. If you develop positive habits, eventually there will be success and you will what get what you want in life.

I do my best to read two books a week, and sometimes I read three because I’m determined to make a change. The only way you can lead someone in the right direction is to lead by example. Many of us lead and have led kids down the wrong path. It’s time to offset what we did by doing what’s right. What I consider to be right is showing a boy how to be a man and work hard to create businesses and jobs for the community in order to strengthen the economy and community. People are suffering, and we are the only ones that can make that change. Addig, A harc folytatódik . . .


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