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  • Kormányzati név: Jamel Miller
  • Nyilvántartási szám: R19483
  • Életkor:37
  • Idő szolgált:12+ év
  • Home Town:Chicago, IL
  • Mondat:60 év
  • Aktuális töltési:1st Degree Murder, Aggravated Battery w/ a Firearm
  • Álnév:Buck
  • Release Date:2057
  • Prison Munkahely:Növekedés és fejlődés
  • Circle of Influence:Visszaesik, Labron Neal Bey
  • Intézmény:Stateville Büntetésvégrehajtási Center
  • As I got older I realized that I could use my influence to have a positive impact in prison as well as on the streets.

Jamel Miller

A long time ago I was told that a story has no real value unless it is shared with others so they can learn, be motivated and empowered by the story. With that said I would like to share my life, my dreams, and my feelings with the world in the hope that it gives some game that people can actually learn from. When I say game I am not referring to the streets. I am referring to the game of life. Before you put on your comfortable shoes and walk with me, let me give you my 4-1-1.

My name is Jamel Miller. For the past 15-plus years I have been unlawfully incarcerated in all of the maximum-security prisons in Illinois. I am currently at the Stateville Correctional Facility in Joliet, Illinois. I am serving a 60-years sentence for 1st Degree Murder and Aggravated Battery with a Firearm. In the coming months I will detail my situation to show the world just how crooked the Illinois justice system is. I will also post court documents to support my position. Isten kész, this will teach the youth about the other side of the game. The part that will never be talked about by today’s gang leaders or rappers in their latest song.

I am thirty-seven-years-young. I was born on the far south side of Chicago, better known as the infamous Wild, Wild 100s! For over twenty-five years I have been an outstanding member of the G.D.s, which stands for Growth and Development, as taught to us by our Honorable Chairman Larry Hoover. In the early 90s I was nicknamed “Buck” because I was so buckwild in the streets. When I came to jail my legend continued to grow for that same reason. As I got older I realized that I could use my influence to have a positive impact in prison as well as on the streets. Everyday I watch the local and world news, and it kills me to see our youth being killed by one another and by police officers.

Placing blame is not the solution.

I am the solution. Ho so? Well because I will give it to you live and direct, raw and uncut from all angles so my brothers and sisters can see a situation with the slightest potential of becoming a problem and remove themself from a situation before the problem can come to fruition.

The harder the challenge, the greater the thought.

I’m out for now.

Be well, and stay safe.

1 élet. 1 szeretet.

Rock with me!

Your fam,

Jamel “Buck” Miller

Jamel Miller #R19483
P.O. Doboz 112
Joliet, IL 60434


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