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  • Kormányzati név: Terrell Forth-Bey
  • Nyilvántartási szám: 40936-050
  • Életkor:32
  • Idő szolgált:10 év.
  • Home Town:Atlantic City, NJ
  • Mondat:13 év.
  • Aktuális töltési:Bankrablás
  • Álnév:Abu-Bey
  • Release Date:Release Date
  • Prison Munkahely:Mór Science Temple of America
  • Circle of Influence:Tewhan Butler
  • Intézmény:USP Pollock
  • Tudatosság kulcsa. Ha tudjuk, hogy jobb,, azt mutatja, hogy jobbak.

Milyen érzések, Cselekvések és gondolatok irányítják Lives

Az érzések, Cselekvések és gondolatok (Zsírok) magán, ami azt jelenti, tartoznak kizárólag az Ön. Tudva, hogy ki vagy, lehetővé teszi, hogy készítsen zsírok a saját. Ezek a zsírok magán, mert függetlenek más népek’ Zsírok. Ez megfelel a saját személyes növekedés, célok és érdekek és összefüggésbe hozható a személyes elvek. Ezért, A zsírok kötődnek a magánéletét. The level of awareness we have of our FATs determines the level of awareness we have of our sense of self. This basic awareness of self is principal to personal growth. A strong sense of self is a quality that empowers an individual to achieve. The more aware we become of ourselves, the more response-able we become. When we are able to respond effectively, it means we are in total control of our lives and control our own destiny. A születéstől, we are evolving and developing (changing), constantly shedding old skin for new skin. Your sense of self, which is your Creative Choice serves as a guide. We all have heard of the saying, “I have a gut feeling.This phrase derives from the observation of your FATs.

Acting On Your Thoughts and Feelings
Being honest with yourself about what you feel, what your thoughts are and what actions you must then take as a result and what makes you happy and comfortable is your life’s guide. By following someone else’s guide instead of your own, we train ourselves to reproduce other peoplesFATs and yield results suitable to that person’s needs, goals, siker, or demise. None the less, they almost never fit into our own overall plot. This way is not the same as being free and aware. It means our will and reason have been hijacked and instead of producing and acting, we are re-producing and re-acting. Without a sense of self- meaning no self-interest, no sense of self-preservation- we are online Doing Under Influence (DUI). When this hijacking takes place, everything is a reproduction of mind. So your mind repeats the same things over and over (from memory) until it is re-programmed (influenced by self or outside forces).

We find ourselves using the same words, having the same thoughts, making the same mistakes, and getting the same results. Our mind reacts to the same commands albeit visual, verbal or physical. We need to be aware of the things that make us feel, act and think a certain way in order to communicate and properly process new information (commands). Re-action makes it impossible for new experiences to enter our lives The mind is like a mirror. It reflects what you put in front of it. So we must produce new info every chance we get to stay abreast with evolution.

Stop Doing Under Influence (DUI)! Holding on to old FATs leave no room for new ones, which suppresses your potential. Constantly being aware of your FATs gives you a strong sense of self. Ask yourself how do you feel, why do you feel this way, what are your current thoughts, how did you come to this thought; are these thoughts personal (independent) or impersonal (dependent); what are they dependent on etc. The questions serve to direct you in your course of action and decision-making. For a better choice and healthier life.




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