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  • Kormányzati név: Jermaine Ray
  • Nyilvántartási szám: 10960-010
  • Életkor:30
  • Idő szolgált:2 év
  • Home Town:Hot Springs, Arkansas
  • Mondat:111 hónapokban
  • Aktuális töltési:924(c) Használata lőfegyver kábítószer-kereskedelem; 922(g) Használata lőfegyver által tiltott személy
  • Álnév:Murda
  • Release Date:2020
  • Prison Munkahely:Vér (Lime Hood Piru)
  • Circle of Influence:Tewhan Butler
  • Intézmény:USP Beaumont
  • Ez nem mi vagyunk, de mit csináljunk, ami meghatároz minket az életben.

The Mind of My True Enemy

#FelnevelniPeace to the inmate nation and the REAL family members and loved ones who never left my corner.

Today I’m approaching the session from a totally different angle . . . I call this angle “The Mind of My True Enemy”.

Before I drop FREE JEWELS, let me say G-lookin’ to KB and the Big Homie Mass for even making a social platform like Élőben Lockdown even possible.

I believe in the power of dedicated minds.

I greet you from the confines of USP Beaumont’s SHU – “The Starve Center” – where oppression and corruption is at a level of blatant disrespect and unlike anything I have witnessed or experienced in over four years.

Jelenleg, let’s build on reality through politics.

The government is most happy to know that their servants in the federal system have kept up the tradition of their forefathers, regardless of the changing times. They experiment across the country with new methods to control black bodies. Their ancestors used the whip. They here use the baton and guns.

This is how the mind of the enemy perceives the situation as a whole when they have their private meetings and discuss what’s next on their grand agenda.

“You are not only losing valuable stock, you are having riots and escapes. Your machines in UNICOR are left unmanned due to work strikes. You suffer staff assaults, and sometimes officers are killed. “

This is the mind of the enemy:

“In front of you I have outlined a number of differences among the prisoners, and I take these differences and make them bigger. Some of the same that were used on the slaves. Használom a félelem, bizalmatlanság, irigység, and geographical differences for control purposes. Old versus young, young versus old. This rivalry goes back to Cain and Abel. This is probably the simplest form of divide and conquer known to man. Make the young feel that their elders are past their prime and as they say, ‘in the way’. Cause the old to look upon those who they paved they way for with disdain. A nation that does not respect its elders will fail. A nation that neglects its youth is doomed.”

This is the mind of the enemy:

“I’m sure you’re all familiar with Black Entertainment Television or BET for short. It’s the only media outlet that their kind has. Never fear because in the end it will work to our advantage. Right now the black prisoners don’t want to watch anything else. That and sports. Our experts assure me that in a few years the black prisoners will fight, kill and die over the BET TV, so don’t worry.”

This is the mind of the enemy:

“Family Unity . . . Destroy it at all costs. In order for the black prisoner to become totally reliant on us, he must not have any outside resources.

1.) Send him to a prison hundreds of miles away from his home. This will make it difficult for him to get visits from those who care about and love him.

2.) If and when he does receive visitors, make it very unpleasant. Take an exceptionally long time to process his visitors. Thoroughly search them for drugs and weapons. If you can trick them into a strip search, then do it. Dehumanize them. This will make them not want to return. Especially the children.

3.) Destroy the mail – incoming and outgoing. Do it randomly so it won’t seem like a pattern. Is, switch the letters to different envelopes. Cause confusion.

4.) Charge exorbitant phone rates.

5.) Whatever you can sabotage is necessary. Maintain a combative position toward the black inmates. Plant the seeds of insecurity and hatred, and you will always reap a fine harvest of division and oppression that you’ll be blameless for.”

This is the mind of the enemy:

“The inside on the black officer (női) . . . Back during the times of our slave-owning ancestors, they were called wenches. Now political correctness forces us to refer to them as black women. Regardless of her title, she can and will be used in the exact same manner she was used hundreds of years ago. We have already disenfranchised them from their men to the point they feel they do not need black men. So using them as pawns in our institutions shouldn’t be a problem. Let her see the so-called strong black men in the savage state they’re in. Let her be subjected to being called a bitch, a slut, a hoe, and all the other foul names. Let her deal with her testvér exposing his penis to her. Akkor, after she has suffered all this, send your white male officers to her rescue. We need her to see white men as dominant, caring and powerful. Have your white male officers degrade and embarrass black inmates in front of her whenever he gets a chance. Then her strong black man will become weak and useless in her eyes and mind. And naturally she’ll fall into our arms and between our legs. We can always use her to calm down the black inmates whenever they become rowdy and uppity. Emlékezik, once we have her on our side, we can control them without fail.”

This is the mind of the enemy:

“Schooling . . . Of all the problems you are experiencing, this I foresee is the biggest and most dangerous. As of right now, there are black inmates attaining Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees and PhDs. This is unacceptable. An educated black inmate will become one of two things: A better criminal or a reformed man who will not return to prison. He will teach others to do the same. I don’t need to tell you why it was important that our ancestors kept slaves from learning to read and write. Keeping education of black inmates to a minimum is just as important. It’s imperative that the college programs and the Pell Grant programs be eliminated at all costs. Leave them with the GED classes. And if they pay for correspondence college courses, let them. We’re just not going to provide them and hang ourselves.”

This is the mind of the enemy:

“Geography . . . A house divided cannot stand. This is a universal truth that dates back to the beginning of time. Black people like to think of themselves as a nation. This is how their black unity is justified. We must break them up and divide them. We must sow the seeds of discord and mistrust among them, so they will not trust those they are not familiar with. Once this is done, they will divide themselves by geographic location. Allegiance and loyalty to their homies will become a religion of sorts. And just as the Christians and Muslims are willing to fight, megöl, and die for their beliefs, they will do the same. Use your SIS [Special Investigative Service] overseers at every chance to cause riffs and schisms. You must pit the New York homies against the California homies, North Carolina against South Carolina, the Bloods against the Crips, East Coast against West Coast, Down South against the Midwest, and all of the above against the D.C. Feketék. Keep them weary and spiteful toward the other cars and vice versa. As long as the black inmates uphold the “Homie Act” you will never have hard-work in dividing and conquering them. In all reality, they will actually do the work for us.”

This is the mind of the enemy:

“The inside on the black officer (férfi) . . . Az első és legfontosabb, all of your black officers need to understand that the black inmates are the enemy. This is important. In their orientation, you must teach them that the inmates are here for a reason. They aren’t here for being law-abiding citizens. It’s very important that you do not allow black officers to develop any form of sympathy, nor are you to allow them to recognize the black inmates as their so-called black brethren. If they do, it will undermine our entire operation . . . to a certain extent. If it ever gets that seriously out of hand, we’ll just lock their black asses right up with them since they love them so much. Black men in general have a natural tendency to show how tough they are, so we want the black officer and the black inmate to always remain in an adversarial relationship.”

This is the mind of the enemy:

“Convict Code . . . We all know that the Convict Code consists of a series of laws and ethics that governs inmate behavior. It’s counterproductive and in direct opposition to the way in which we would have them act. One way to break this code of conduct is to make examples of the strong. When they rise up in a group demonstration, the one I perceive as the most threatening and the most vocal is the one I lock down. When the head is cut off the body will follow. When the strong see their followers or the people they were standing up for have lain down, this will discourage them in any further attempts at making a stand. Ismét, a house divided cannot stand. Keep them at odds with one another. Implant snitches, punish them, and you will break them. As you can see the black inmate is a descendant of the black slaves so it’s in his genes to be in servitude. You must have your Latin, white and Indian inmates distrust all blacks. It’s a must that your inmates trust and depend on us only. They must love, respect and fear only us. If intensely used, the inmates will forever remain inmates.”

Now that you see yourself through the enemy’s eyes, how do you really feel?

We are all Allah’s kids and for that reason alone I respect the next man’s space. But snitches, rapists, and lying cowards, I have no understanding for.

When you talk, you teach; and when you listen, you learn.

Free Jewel!

Now you know the true face and name of the struggle . . . American prison.

Stay strong and #RaiseUP


Love is loyalty.

Your comrade,

King Jermaine


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