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  • Kormányzati név: Ausar Emmanuel Jones
  • Nyilvántartási szám: 28486-050
  • Életkor:29
  • Idő szolgált:N / A
  • Home Town:Jersey City, NJ
  • Mondat:30 év
  • Aktuális töltési:Gyilkosság, Emberrablás, RICO, Hogy. Gyilkosságok, Lőfegyver megsértése, Hogy. Gyilkosság egy szövetségi informátor, míg börtönben
  • Álnév:Killer-E
  • Release Date:2030
  • Prison Munkahely:Vér (Karima)
  • Circle of Influence:Tewhan Butler, Altariq Gumbs, Kenneth Thompson, Cedric Brown
  • Intézmény:FCI McKean
  • Első Bloods egyesülnek oka a növekedés és fejlődés a fiatalok, hogy megakadályozzák a további börtön.

Emmanuel Jones

Az alábbi bio-ben íródott harmadik személy által rab.

Emmanuel Jones más néven Killer-E grew up in the heart of Jersey City, NJ on Bidwell and Ocean witnessing the heartless reality of life. Évesen 5 tanított a bátyja, hogyan kell tartani a fegyvert. Nem tudva, ha egy napon majd le kell állítania az apja visszaéljenek édesanyja. Nem sokkal azután,, apja ment ki teljesen az életét. Having altercations with the Gambino Family led him to reject his family, which resulted in his mother moving consistently. Experieincing racism at the young age of 8 brought a deep hatred into his being. He was raised tough by his brother to prepare him for the unknown. It eventually led him to the streets and the interstate of activity. A sense of happiness he always wanted, he believed he found in the streets guided him to joining an original street gang called “STK” (Stegman Killers/ Shoot to kill). It had a foundation of Loyalty, Honor, Szeretet, Strength, and Unity. Being raised with morals obligated him to make sure his mother was proud of him, which required him to balance business and the streets. Mr. Jones believed the streets had love for him so he pulled away from those who wanted to change that.

Mr. Jones also had brothers from “ABP” (Audubon Park). That loyalty eventually created a uniting under the Fruit Town Brims. As he got older his happiness in the streets faded with the reality of pain. By him bringing unity brought unwanted fear to those who didn’t understand. That caused him to get indicted with false claims, no evidence or witnesses. With the assistance of Vincent Young más néven No Good, the FEDS were able to bring down the Brims. By Mr. Jones being loyal to his Brims he was placed on the Halálbüntetés, which was removed in 2008.

He is currently serving a 30 year sentence on 3 indictments of false imprisonment on the charges of Gyilkosság, Emberrablás, RICO, Attempted Murders, Firearm Violations, and Attempted Murder of a Federal informant while incarcerated. His release date is 2030, if he doesn’t receive relief in the justice system. But he devoted the remainder of is life to uplifting the mentalities of minorities. He believes the only way to change is from within, so e remains associated with the Fruit Town Militant-Minded Brims and the Fruit Town Brick City Brims. His goal is to develop a better cause and to uplift those young men and women who need to understand that being conscious and self-developed will prevent them from sharing a jail cell. It will also enable them to become businessmen who will teach them how to create jobs for their community.

At this present moment Mr. Jones is in the USP of Beaumont, Texas getting Bloods to unite in cause for the growth and development of our youth to prevent further incarceration.


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  1. 201spotlite mondja:

    Peace beloved. Continue to developed and grow and hopefully more of the young brothers out here will follow that path.

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