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  • There is no honor in coming to prison. It does NOT make you a man.

Clemency Project 2014: Obama’s Legacy Initiative Foiled!


I hate to say I told you so, de . . . FAMM [Families Against Mandatory Minimums] contacted thousands of prisoners to tell them that if you do not have an attorney for clemency, you will have to file your clemency petition yourself.

This is why I do what I do and all the organizations I work for do what they do. We are tired of this. We already do not trust in the justice system. Although clemency is a request for leniency, these are special circumstances. Constitutionally, many prisoners were sentenced in error and given draconian sentences upheld by a politically controlled Supreme Court and a highly political U.S District & Appeals Courts. Life sentences for non-violent offenses? That’s justice? Obama introduced the Clemency Project to RIGHT THIS WRONG. Now in the last hour prisoners are being told “hey you figure it out”. We all thought FAMM was our Champion. 8 Months before Obama becomes the sitting president FAMM pulls this? After telling prisoners to have patience? Who Does That?


FAMM says the process is so convoluted that it can’t be figured out. Egyszerre, they assure prisoners you can do this on your own. If hundreds of attorneys can’t figure this out, how can prisoners? Many prisoners are in
the SHU, Control Units, SMU, and ADX. Others are in high level penitentiaries where the administration does not want to help them with basic entitlements, nonetheless a clemency petition. Most prison administrators believe prisoners deserve MORE TIME. Továbbá,, over 75% of prisoners do not have a GED. Are you kidding me? It’s like FAMM promised to take us to the prom but three days before they say hey I can’t go . . .go by yourself, you’ll still have a great time. WTF?!

This is irresponsible!

The logistics of this debacle is simple. Don’t let them fool you. It’s this simple. Több mint 100 federal districts. Take 10 attorneys out of each and give them 33 clients. If the petitions are so easy to get out, this should have not taken over 20 months to accomplish. The logic FAMM uses to explain this mass failure is called a theorem. A proposition with no proof or premise.

This is irresponsible!

Lastly, they state that you should admit to your PSR. Huh? What about JOHNSON issues where your PSR states you had a violent offense that is NOW considered non-violent. or let’s say you challenged your PSR and WON at sentencing and your Judge DID NOT adopt the PSR finding, then what? Why should you admit to that? Even Rule 36 says you can correct your PSR for Bureau of Prisons usage if your judge finds different facts. Or let’s say you previously took an ALFORD plea to a violent offense. Your admittance CAN AND WILL be used in a Court of law against you, if YOU don’t get clemency. So when you file a petition for JOHNSON, the government will say néz at this. He already admitted the fact under perjury. Nem! Filing clemency petitions are not so straight forward. Also things like home-plans and the documents needed to send out in these petitions give prisonersUNIT TEAMS the burden to help prisoners they believe should not gain any relief. It’s like asking the Republicans to allow
Obama’s appointment for a Supreme Court Judge without opposition. Ez most komoly?

This too is irresponsible!

You want prisoners to take responsibility. I say FAMM should take responsibility!

I believe someone is sabotaging Obama’s efforts. I say this based on this proof. Obama stated in the USA TODAY, and I am paraphrasing, for attorneys to stop messing around and JUST SEND HIM THE PETITIONS. It’s nothing they can do or say to aid his decision. Alapvetően, stop trying to impress him. Now look, with that incentive removed we are again ON OUR OWN!

So what do we do? Do what Obama says. Send your petition. I say send a copy to the White House and one to the Pardon office. As far as admitting to your PSR, admit to what is true and accurate. If you won a challenge or if the law now allows or did allow your violent conviction to not count against you, just briefly state that in ONE SENTENCE and SHOW PROOF. For Example: I took an ALFORD plea in 1998 to this violent offense –
See Exh. 1 Attached. or For Example: The Judge did not adopt the following PSR findings at sentencing – See Exh. 2 Attached or For Example: The Violent offense in my PSR is no longer considered violent Per JOHNSON -See Exh.3 Attached.

Now FAMM is correct, you have to do this yourself. No one else will do this for you. Not FAMM, as they promised, or any other person. You can do it. Do not get FLY, just answer to the best of your ability. If your UNIT TEAM plays games, so what send the petition in as is. Obama will see it. He will know what’s up. Hopefully FAMM will relay as much to him. It’s the least they can do. It would be the most responsible thing to do.

I have my thoughts about this clemency initiative. I won’t voice them any more than I have here. I think our President is a GOOD MAN and this is NOT his doing. FAMM put their name on the post cards they sent all of us. They told us to “have patience” and to bare with them as the clemency process is vast. I never believed it. Sounds like someone is ripping the government off at prisoners expense. I HAVE A SOLUTION FOR FAMM. Contact me and pay me according to task and for my time. All this would be solved. It is that simple! This is not rocket science. At all! Viszont, like I stated before, YOU HAVE TO FIGHT ON YOUR OWN. Get a petition, fill it out, copy it, send a copy to the White House and one to the Pardon Office. If you can’t get everything you need, SO WHAT. Amend it later. These were supposed to be submitted by January 23.

Someone playing games!

My prayer is may God bless FAMM, for their failures will not stop our freedom!

Eric Van Buren
Post Conviction Strategist


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