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  • Vlada Ime: Vincent Gamboa
  • Registrirajte se broj: 23079-086
  • Starost:44
  • Vrijeme Služio:20+ godina
  • Mjesto: Los Angeles, CA (South Central)
  • Rečenica:30 g..
  • Trenutni Charge:Zavjera za distribuciju kokain Base
  • Pseudonim:Pa Vizious
  • Datum objave: 2020
  • Zatvor Zajednica:Krv (East Side Outlaw 20 's)
  • Krug utjecaja:Tewhan Butler
  • Institucija:USP Victorville
  • Dobra stvar o životu je da je život putovanje, a tijekom ovog putovanja ćemo imati mnogo iskustva koja će nam omogućiti da naučiti mnoge lekcije. Ove Iskustva iz onoga što smo naučili i što ćemo učiniti s tim znanjem odredit će nas.

What the F—?!


wtfI recently read an article in the USA Today where three young white men admitted they were out HUNTING black people when they ran over and killed a 47-year-old black car plant worker, James Craig Anderson, in Jackson, Mississippi. The article went on to say that District Court Judge Carlton Reeves sentenced Deryl Paul Dedmon, age 22, na 50 godina; John Aaron Rice, age 21, na 18 1/2 godina; and Dylan Wade Butler, age 23, na 7 godina, for the most serious counts against them, committing a HATE CRIME.

This article forced me to critically analyze the entire body of facts surrounding my 30-years sentence for 96.6 grams of CRACK-COCAINE. I was not out hunting addicts to buy crack from me. I never beat, ran over or killed my clientele. Činjenica, it was important to me that ALL customers be treated with RESPECT regardless of race. I even made it a priority to help the less fortunate, and this included the children of parents who were addicted to any form of a controlled substance. I would purchase clothing and food for the children whose family had been destroyed by ADDICTION. No I do NOT seek to diminish my contribution to the systemic destruction of these people and my community. For this I sincerely offer my deepest APOLOGIES, as well as my commitment to assist in the STRUGGLE to uplift fallen humanity from this destructive behavior.

This article clearly shows me that I am also a victim of a hate crime. I am a black man who has been beat and run down by the criminal justice system and buried alive in prison for over 22 godine za 96.6 grama kokaina crack-. Compare the two scenarios and tell me where is the JUSTICE.


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