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    Praštanje: An Apology to All Women

    “If anyone will take these two words to heart and use them for her own guidance, she will be almost without sin and will lead a very powerful life. These two words are bear and for bear.” -Epicetus I bring a message of apology for all the pain we men have caused you, for abandoning you to a world that has no idea the magnitude of your greatness. I apologize that we have termed you our baby’s mama, instead of giving you the title you deserve, that of Queen. I know we men have...PROČITAJTE VIŠE


    The Evolution of Overseer to Police Officer (Dio 2)

    Read The Evolution of Overseer to Police Officer (Dio 1). Once again the modern day Overseers have proven to the people of African descent that no matter how much we peacefully protest, our lives truly DO NOT MATTER! As I watched that horrific video of Philando Castile slaughtered in the backseat of a car in front of his fiancee and four year old daughter and left to bleed-out like a cattle, I almost shed tears! Tears of anger, frustracija, poniženje, helplessness, and familiarity. It was...PROČITAJTE VIŠE


    The Mind of My True Enemy

    #Odgojiti – Peace to the inmate nation and the REAL family members and loved ones who never left my corner. Today I’m approaching the session from a totally different angle . . . I call this angle “The Mind of My True Enemy”. Before I drop FREE JEWELS, let me say G-lookin’ to KB and the Big Homie Mass for even making a social platform like Live from Lockdown even possible. I believe in the power of dedicated minds. I greet you from the confines of USP...PROČITAJTE VIŠE


    No Oversight, No Balance

    As a blogger on Live from Lockdown, my job is to write on interesting subjects from a unique and fresh perspective that appeal to a target audience. I am an advocate for criminal justice reform, the Co-Founder of The TAWL Foundation, the author of (among other books) The Art of Winning Litigation. I consider my audience to be broad and multi-dimensional. Their realities and individual concerns drastically differ from their collective concerns. It is my job to transcend these different...PROČITAJTE VIŠE


    Majčino pismo sina u zatvoru

    Gđa. Irene Najbolje je mlada crna majka koja u dobi od trinaest je iskoristio i rodila Jason Best. U dobi od osamnaest, Jason ju je ostavio u trenu zbog niza kaznenih djela, koja će ga dovesti prirodnog života u zatvoru. A year after Jason’s incarceration she wrote him this letter. Dragi Jason, Na dan kad se rodio, Ja sam bio još dijete, trinaest godina star. Pogledao sam na tebe i nasmijala, znajući tog trenutka nadalje, Bog me je blagoslovio. Despite all the obstacles we...PROČITAJTE VIŠE


    Muževnost (Dio 2)

    “Ako čovjek želi veličinu, neka zaboravi veličinu i pitati za istinu, i on će se naći i” -Horace Mann What kind of example are you setting for the little homies out there? And more importantly, tko je podizanje svoje sinove? I hope it’s not the TV or Internet. If so, Ne samo da je vaš sin pokrenuti 90% Rizik od odlaska u zatvor, tu je i velika vjerojatnost da će on biti gay ili upuštati u nekoj vrsti homoseksualne aktivnosti. Nemojte me krivo shvatiti, I’m all...PROČITAJTE VIŠE


    UPOZORENJE: The Emasculation of a Nation

    *DISCLAIMER* The views expressed hereafter are explicitly those of the author – me, Roderick Sutton. They do not represent the views of Live From Lockdown or its affiliates. It is no secret that the United States of America prides itself as being built on Christian principles. Ali, by all accounts, this nation should pride itself as being built on unadulterated hypocrisy. A hypocrisy that has slowly eroded the morality of it citizens. A hypocrisy that is emasculating this nation and...PROČITAJTE VIŠE


    Trenton State Prison on Smash

    This post was received before Omar Austin’s last post. The previous post was published first in order to get word of his mother’s unexpected death to family and friends. Što je to učiniti? Sorry for being out of touch for a few months. I was on smash back at Trenton [New Jersey] Kaznionici. They worked it on me. I’m solid though, no matter where I have to be. All prisons are slave camps. It’s a fact that the authorities utilize and manipulate location and the difference in...PROČITAJTE VIŠE


    G.. White Privilege and the Black Masquerade

    Kao što smo započeli naše duge šetnje na slobodu moramo razotkriti one koji bi mogli ometati naše putovanje koje djeluje kao posrednik provokatora za našu neprijatelja g. Bijela Privilege. Kao što će svi crnci posvjedočiti, crne, nije samo ten kože koji jamči neupitnu ljubav i odanost. Primjer za to je Michelle Obama. Bez obzira što mi mislimo nedjelovanja suprugove o određenim pitanjima,, svi smo u našoj zajednici joj se dive kao pravi crnkinje. Znamo da voli svoje ljude i dalje od nje ...PROČITAJTE VIŠE


    Everyday Magic

    Within every thought, word and deed lies power. Power that often goes unacknowledged. Our thoughts are seeds that go bloom in the form of magnificent buildings, life-changing inventions, inspiring poems, and enlightening books. Words emerge from the comfort of our lips aiming for the cushion of the ear. From there they spark the mind into action like a car’s engine. Our deeds are the most obvious semblance of power. One act sparks a revolution that changes the world. Također, jedan čin može ...PROČITAJTE VIŠE

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