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  • Vlada Ime: Demetrius Minor
  • Registrirajte se broj: 494475E
  • Starost:20
  • Vrijeme Služio:5+ godina
  • Mjesto:Bridgeton, New Jersey
  • Rečenica:30 godina
  • Trenutni Charge:Teška ubojstvo, Carjacking
  • Pseudonim:kaže D
  • Datum objave:2037
  • Zatvor Zajednica:Maloljetni Odvjetnica
  • Krug utjecaja:Lester Alford
  • Institucija:State Prison New Jersey
  • Ja ću zagovarati svaki dan u mom životu dok ne vidim stvarne promjene, and even when I see real change, I will still advocate.

Prisoner Seeks Participation in Prison Reform Advocacy Group

The Wall of New Jersey State Prison.

The Wall of New Jersey State Prison.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I’m currently in need of your help. I am a prisoner in New Jersey State Prison. I am writing you today because I wish to form a prison reform advocacy group. I really do think you and your service would be a very valuable asset to this group. I do understand that time and funding are things that a lot of people do not have. Uz to, rekao, I am willing to fund this group with my own funds. I am also willing to put my own time and effort into making sure that this groups thrives and is effective.

I will not be able to explain everything in this brief post, but the goal of this group is to expose the injustice, abuse and torture that prisoners experience while incarcerated. I’ve fallen victim to some of these things. Almost anyone would think that I was able to report these things, however I was abused even more for reporting these things.

The time truly has come for prison reform to be at the forefront of community development and policing. Why policing? 1 u 3 prisoners will return to prison within a year of their release, and a lot of them will return having committed new crimes. Effective prison reform can directly impact policing and overall quality of life in the community.

I have read lots of papers and watched lots of activists on TV. I really want the proposed group to bring those advocates and activists together. People on the outside are the only hope for prisoners. Prisoners can and do receive harsh punishment for speaking up.

Some people may assume, because I am a prisoner, I deserve to be treated like an animal or less than human. The truth is I am human, and I made a mistake. My goal, and the Department of Corrections’ goal should be, is to correct my behavior and work to become an upstanding member of society. Zašto? Because I along with 90% of prisoners will one day return to society. The conditions in prison will play a big part in who we are when we return to society.

Whether it be Ferguson or Baltimore or the right to marry, people across America, and the world, are fighting for equality; people want dignity and respect regardless of race, boju ili vjeru. I want this advocacy group to fight for the dignity and rights of prisoners. Unfortunately prisoners cannot go to public buildings and demand justice. The only way we can seek justice is by writing. The power of the pen is becoming less effective because of prison officials retaliating against prisoners for writing grievances, voicing their concerns and telling the truth about what goes on in prison. I have written articles about prison conditions and the savage beatings and the physical and sexual abuse in prison. I have been retaliated against in ways that I’d rather not explain in this letter that was supposed to be brief 🙂

It is my hope that someone will read this letter and realize that something is wrong with America’s criminal justice system and its prisons. Change begins with public awareness, concern and activism. It is the taxpayers’ money funding prisons and their operations.

Sam bio 16 when I entered prison and now I am 20. I have finally learned that prison is not meant to correct my behavior. Prison is strictly for punishment and personal corruptions. I have had to educate myself and correct my own behavior and learn how to stay away from the gangs, violence and negativity. If society and the system begins to focus on prisoner rehabilitation, not only would the recidivism rate decrease, violence in prison and in the community would decrease too.

It’s time to face the truth!

What New Jersey Department of Corrections is currently doing is not working. what prisons across America are doing is not working. If America’s prisons were successful in rehabilitating prisoners, the recidivism rate would not be what it is.

Zatvorenici, and even politicians, need the public’s help to make prison reform a priority. I really do hope to hear from some of you in response to this letter. Even if you cannot help me, I ask for your thoughts or maybe you know someone who might be interested. Molim read my bio for a little information about me.


Demetrius Minor #494475e

State Prison New Jersey
P.O. Kutija 861
Trenton, Nju Džerzi 080625




One response to “Prisoner Seeks Participation in Prison Reform Advocacy Group”

  1. Miseka says:

    I would definitely like to get involved in something like this,, I am in the process of opening a woman and children shelter this is not going to be your regular shelter,,,, I want to build the children of single parents to become successful and not caught in the system like yourself,,,I want to build the mothers to be stable and successful so their children won’t be taken from them and put in the system,,,,, not only can you be a advocate for the inmates you can also be an advocate for the children that’s lost in this broken system,,,

    May peace be apon you

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