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  • Vlada Ime: Anthony Spaulding
  • Registrirajte se broj: K-54932
  • Starost:Starost
  • Vrijeme Služio:20 g.
  • Mjesto:Čikago, IL
  • Rečenica:Život
  • Trenutni Charge:CURRENTCHARGE
  • Pseudonim:Revolucija (X)
  • Datum objave:N / A
  • Zatvor Zajednica:Gangster Sljedbenik (bivši)
  • Krug utjecaja:Ben Williams, Labron Neal-bega, Mark Dixon
  • Institucija:Stateville popravni Centar
  • Napokon sam se probudio nakon što mi je neki operativne grupe dao neki dobar savjet.

Poem: A New Day


It’s a new day,
but I’m stuck in a slave cage
still making a slave’s wage.
Depraved, decayed, da grave is already made.

So they say,
life is a classroom of lemons,
let’s make lemonade.

It pays to go to school,
but three-fifths and twenty acres and a mule and a nigga by the pound
was never in the rules!
Guess it’s that new math.
A Pythagorean blood bath;
half of half the serum earned me a quarter praise
from a righteous gray beard who was impressed by
my gift and exquisite delivery.

I told ’em I studied Jesus,
Black God with the doo-doo dreadz.
I knew Martin before Selma,
celebrated Malcolm in the midst
of the Feds’ kangaroo investigation.
“I’m Rev X!”

When I dream it comes to reality.
New Day!

Before sunrise moon was exceptionally clairvoyant.
My legacy is buoyant
as the beloved’s blessings
with buoys bracing their bodies.
That means all the bones in the Atlantic
that match my DNA floated.
I ate their flesh from the bloated bellies of blue fin fish
served on a ceramic dish made in China.
Da, I’m an Asiatic black man!
I reroute the path again,
exterminated the planted pathogens,
the perfunctory pink toe primates that plague progressive Africans.
From the garden to the Amazonians to Caribbeans and winded
back in the Windy City.
That was the same current that
pushed Jean Baptiste Pointe Du Sable
here in the 1700s.
Doktor. Burroughs taught me that.

Before crack was king
and baby girl wasn’t a bitch,
she was a queen!
Like Helen,
not of Troy but Sinclair.
Salvation won’t let her wait on heaven’s
stairway long.
We sing a new song
to Zion’s throne,
joining in unison with the melody
of S.O.S. komunikacija.
That wasn’t just sweet harmony.
That was the coded language
to tell you the time and place of the evacuation!
Di-zude Gi-zot the ti-zool in the tri-nunk.
You diz-ni-ig?
New Day!

And I’m not afraid!
Cause it’s the dawn of put your hands down!
Get yo ass up off that ground
pick up yo crown
and let it shine brighter than any others.
So when my brothers get smothered I’m gon’
lend ’em al lil ox-ygen.
This that holy vomit
regurgitated from the belly of the beast.
Ox again! Ox again! Ox again!
It’s rude business boy!
Me honor the new black history!
No losses, but we lost count of victories.
You get a trophy. You get a trophy. You get a trophy. You get a trophy.
Everybody gets a trophy
who’s participating in the struggle for freedom and justice.
#RaiseUP yo balled fist!
Cause it’s a new day!


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